Target specific groups of patients with an email send out

Part 1. Create an email template
  1. From the Activities screen, click Email manager
  2. Click, Message Templates
  3. Use the drop down to select Email
  4. Click Add Template at the top left of the window
  5. Create the template and click Save.
Part 2. Build the client listings and send email
  2. In section 2. Build Selection Criteria, Change the radial button to Patient
  3. Use the first drop down to select Species, ensure the second says Equal To, and use the third drop down to select ‘Rabbit’
  4. Click Add
  5. Click the Execute button in the grey section to the right
  6. In section 3. Select Output Style, change the radial wheel to Send Email
  7. Use the Drop down to select the email template you had created earlier, and/or select a reminder letter that is appropriate to attach, by clicking browse.
  8. Click, send selected Email template