RxCloud FAQ

RxWorks software is installed and run on the Microsoft Azure global network of datacentres. To begin to use RxWorks Cloud, you will be guided through the following process:

  1. your practice will be provisioned with a database and a storage area for information such as templates and logos
  2. there’ll be an implementation process similar to a server-based system and will vary based on your specific requirements
  3. we will create accounts for all of your users who will be accessing the service
  4. Your internet connection will be checked to ensure it can access RxWorks Cloud.

There are very few differences in daily usage.  RxWorks Cloud uses the processes that have been proven over the years in the server-based system.  They are stable and reliable. RxWorks will run in a window on your computer just like any other application.  All your normal desktop applications are totally unaffected, and you can install and run any software locally as required.

To run RxWorks Cloud the Citrix Reciever will need to be installed on each machine that will connect to the Cloud. When you click on the Citrix icon a session will be started.  Enter your login details and RxWorks will open in a window on your computer.  You carry on in exactly the same way as you would for server-based RxWorks.

All of your RxWorks software and data is stored in the cloud.  This has the following benefits:

  • your data is automatically backed up with at least 3 copies held at any given time, one of which is in a separate datacentre at least 500 km away from the original
  • upgrades to both RxWorks and other software components are handled automatically, so your system is always up-to-date with the latest features and updates.

You will need a commercial-grade broadband internet connection. We strongly advise that you also have a backup connection (such as 3G or 4G cellular data) in case your primary broadband service suffers a failure.

You will also need devices from which to access the service.  You can download the Citrix Reciever RemoteApp client for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac OS X and Android devices to access Citrix Reciever App.  We recommend using the RemoteApp client for Windows, Windows Surface, Mac or iPad devices for the best experience.

Yes.  We will be providing some light-weight management software that runs in your clinic in order to interact with your devices such as printers and lab equipment.  This software will integrate with your account in the cloud and transfer files to and from the system as needed.

Also, initially some laboratory equipment may not be supported.  Please check with your Practice Advisor for details.

Note: This device-management software will initially be supported only on Windows and will need to be running on a computer in each branch.

There is the possibility that the hosted service can experience a problem or failure.  Citrix Reciever App guarantees a 99.9% monthly availability so there is still a very small risk of unexpected downtime.  Of course these risks also exist with a server.  In the case of a hosted service outage, there are many technicians and support staff working to maintain the service so the period of any outage will likely be shorter than a local outage.