Supplier integration

Save staff time, improve reporting accuracy and minimise wastage by ordering stock in RxWorks.


  • Save staff time – by spending less time typing orders and completing stocktake
  • Improve reporting accuracy – by centralising your record keeping of stock usage and ordering
  • Minimise stock wastage – through streamlining the reporting and ordering process


RxWorks integrates with the following Distributors/Wholesalers:
  • Aesculaap
  • AUV
  • Butler Schein Animal Health (Henry Schein Animal Health USA)
  • Centaur
  • Cenvet
  • Dopharma
  • Dunlops (Henry Schein Animal Health UK)
  • Instruvet
  • Lyppard
  • NVS
  • Provet
  • SVS
  • Vetin
  • Zebravet
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