Patient management integration

Improve client/patient management and streamline your practice workflow with patient management systems.

Smart Flow Sheet is a cloud-based Veterinary software module revolutionising the way veterinarians care about their in-hospital patients. It was developed and tested in real practices around the world, with real Veterinarians and Technicians. It has many features that will change the way you work in practice.


Smart Flow Sheet Patient Management System


Flow Sheet

With the Flow Sheet, you will get the benefits of automatic treatment reminders, built-in calculators, and cloud-based syncing technology which allows the veterinarian to check in on a patient’s status from anywhere!


Surgery Whiteboard

Smart Flow’s Surgery Whiteboard can help your practice in numerous ways:

  • Financially – No more forgotten treatments or tasks that owners have requested
  • Increase efficiency – No more paging from your office or reception to find out if “Fluffy was already pre-meded”
  • Track your treatments – All staff can quickly and easily see what has and has not been done, streamlining workflow


ICU Whiteboard

All patients in-hospital are identified by their picture, weight, problem and contact information. The Whiteboard allows you to see all patients in-hospital at a glance!

Treatments are organised and prioritised for you and displayed on the Whiteboard with a number sequence. This way you can ensure you never miss a treatment again!


Anesthetic Sheet

This Electronic Anesthetic sheet will map your patient’s vitals and calculate pre-op and emergency drugs. Templates for common surgical protocols can be created, saving time and money.

Even better? No more scanning or filing the paper anaesthetic sheet!


Travel Sheet

Updating your staff on treatment plans you make while still in the exam room has never been easier.

No repeating your plan to different staff members or telling each separate department what to do. Want x-rays, bloodwork, and vaccines to be done on a patient? Mark it on the travel sheet and everyone will know about it!

These items will appear on each department’s work list and will be added to the invoice automatically – no more missed charges!


Reception Management

The “Q” helps increase efficiency in the front end of the hospital (and makes your receptionist’s life easier):

  • Easy-to-understand color-coded triage system so clients can see why they are waiting when an emergency is being dealt with
  • Ability to automatically move late clients to the next available appointment slot, keeping the clients who are on time happy and on schedule
  • Clients can easily see where they are in the queue- no more asking the receptionist repeatedly how long it will be until their appointment


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