Insurance integration

Save staff time, deliver improved customer service and increase the speed at which customer payments are settled with insurance integration.


  • Improve customer service – save customers’ time and effort by submitting their claims immediately following the consultation process without filling in forms
  • Save staff time – remove the need to print invoices, consultation notes or to fill in forms.
  • Fast settlement – Claims are resolved and paid much faster
  • No transaction costs


RxWorks integrates with the following pet insurance partners:

  • Petsure (Australia)
  • Proteq (The Netherlands)
  • Vet Envoy (UK)



“ We have been testing and using an online lodgement system through RxWorks for all the PetSure Insurance policies for almost 6 months now. We can now lodge a claim in minutes that used to take up to 15 minutes once forms were signed, copied, emailed and filed. It has enhanced our capabilities in customer service and has significantly improved the jobs of my nursing team.

– Geoffrey Golovsky, Veterinarian and Director Vet HQ

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