Workarea Display Options

Workarea Display Options

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When it comes to configuring an “appointment clipboard” (Area Two of a clipboard work area), there are two options for you to choose from depending on how your practice operates.
These are:

  • Use Vet names as the column displays or
  • Use Room names as the column displays.

The distinction seems subtle but it’s an important consideration.
Practices with a small number of vets will most likely choose vet names as columns. A practice with a larger number of vets with more rooms available (such as Consult 1, Consult 2, Nurse Consults) will choose to use use room names as columns.

Clipboard names are fixed and cannot be changed on a day to day basis.

For further information on clipboard setup and management, see our online article on “Clipboard Setup & Management”.

Vet Names as Columns – Example

Room Names as Columns – Example

Blocking Out Appointment Times

You can use “Misc Entries” to block out booking times in any “appointment scheduler”.

Depending on how staff shifts are scheduled, practice managers tend to set up any block-outs for a week or fortnight at a time.
If using vet names as the column displays, then the entire column (day) would be blocked out for days the vet has off. (Or half days etc)
If using consult room names as the display columns, blocking out a full column (day) is not normally necessary. However, a practice may choose to add an additional time slot before general appts begin which is used to add a misc entry with the name of the Vet who is working that shift.

Copy Entries To Dates

Once you have areas of a daily clipboard blocked out, you can then use the “Copy Entries to Dates” feature to copy the schedule block-out times into the remaining days of the week. Access this feature by right-clicking on a misc entry and selecting “Copy Entries to Date” from the Shortcut Menu.

Equine or Large Animal clinics tend to use vet names as their clipboard columns – this way each vet can print off a list of their appointments for the day before leaving to get on the road. These clinics may choose to use appointment types which represent different areas, such as North, East, Central. Appointment types can have different colours and can be used to see at a glance which general direction the vet is heading on a certain day. This will help guide a receptionist when booking appointments for other clients in a similar area.
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