Visit Screen – Transferring a Visit

Visit Screen – Transferring a Visit

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RxWorks allows you to transfer visit details between patients, even when the patients belong to different clients. This is useful when you incorrectly apply a visit to the wrong patient.

  • Navigate to the Visit you wish to transfer.
  • Depending on your user security options, select TRANSFER from the VISIT TOOLS area of the “toolbar”.
  • Select the client and patient you wish to transfer the visit to and press OK to move the visit to the new patient and delete it from the old patient.
  • Select the Patient record you wish to add the visit to (if more than one per client).
  • The visit, and its financial records will now be transferred over to the new Client and Patient record.

    User permissions and the Toolbar

    The TOOL menu functions are available for use depending upon the user profile security setting a user profile is allocated. If you do not have access to this function, contact your Clinic Manager to perform the transfer for you.

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