Visit Screen – Listing Patient Visits

Visit Screen – Listing Patient Visits

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To review a patients visits history, use the List button (or Ctrl+L) in the toolbar. The list dialog shows the dates of every visit for the patient.

The Patient History Window

To make it easier to summarise, we will again break this window down into key areas.
For more information on each area, please select the appropriate title from the article index to the right.

  1. The Client and Patient Summary Bar
  2. Summary area for Client and Patient Details

  3. The Patient History Toolbar
  4. Tools for screen views and filtering visits. Also includes title summary of patient name, breed and age.

  5. Visit Summary and Tools
  6. Tools for using attachments, images, lab manager, printing and previewing.

  7. Visit History Text Summary
  8. Summary Area for Visit History Text.

  9. Visit Fees Summary

Summary area for visit fees.

Area One – The Client and Patient Summary Bar

View Client and Patient summary details.

Click the Plus or Minus symbols to expand or collapse the client and patient summaries.


  • Client Name
  • Client Address
  • Client Contact Details
  • Client Account Details
  • Client Account Balance
  • Patient Name
  • Patient Species
  • Patient Sex
  • Microchip
  • Patient Custom Fields
  • Patient Images
  • Patient Location
  • Area Two – The Patient History Toolbar

    Includes functions for screen views and to filter a patient’s visit history list.


    Click to toggle the Client and Patient Summary bar view on and off.

    Incomplete Only

    Check this box to show incomplete patient visits only.

    Include OTC

    Check this box to view Over The Counter (OTC) sales.

    List Patients

    Select this option to see a summary of all patients belonging to the active client.
    For more information see the article index ‘All Patients Summary’ to the right.

    Collapse All

    This option will collapse all visit details so only the visit headings show. (see below)

    Show More Visits

    To list all a client’s visits select ‘Show More Visits’

    The Patient Dropdown

    If a client has more than one patient, select the patient history files you wish to view from this drop-down feature.

    The Search Button

    The Search Button (located next to the patient drop-down) allows you to use the search function to select the patient you wish to view a visit history for.

    Search for Keywords

    Use this field to search patient visit history records by using keywords.Searches for text in the visit history and summary words.

    Area Three – Visit Summary and Tools

    This area is shown at the top of for ALL visit listings for a patient.


  • Visit Date and Time
  • Visit Cost
  • Visit Reason
  • Vet
  • Patient Age
  • Patient Weight
  • Patient Temperature
  • Visit Clinic
  • Additional Features

    Navigate to Visit Record

    Click on the visit date and time in the grey area to quickly navigate to that visit record.

    Add New Attachments

    Select the attachments button to add new attachments to the visit record.

    See “Visit Screen – Attachments” for further information on how to use this feature.

    Add New Images

    Select the images button to add new images to the visit record.
    See “Visit Screen – Images” for further information on how to use this feature.

    View Lab Results

    Select the test tube (Lab Results) icon to view all lab results for the visit record.
    See “Modules – Lab Manager” for further information on how to use this feature.

    Preview Patient History Document

    Select the preview button to preview a patient history report.

    Print Patient History

    Select the print button to print a patient history report.

    Area Four – Visit History Text Summary

    This is the visit history text as shown in the visit record.
    You cannot edit the visit history text from here.

    Vital Signs

    Vital Signs appear on the Visit list for the currently active patient record.

    Area Five – Visit Fees Summary

    This area displays all fees charged for a visit.
    Procedures are displayed in Blue.
    Non-Procedure Items are shown below the procedures.

    Label Text

    On some invoice items you see a small icon indicating a label.

    Hover your mouse over the icon to see the label description.

    List All Patients

    Area One – List Patients

    Filter by Patient Name

    Start entering the patient name of a client to view their details. The list will automatically shorten to match your search critera.

    Select Patient

    Click on the arrows next to each patient name to view their summary details to the right.

    Pink arrows for Female patients.
    Blue Arrows for Male patients.

    Referrals, Location and Client Summary

    View patient referrals, Location and the owners summary. Click each title in the grey area to navigate through each option.
    Select the folder next to the Client Details area to navigate to the “Client Work Area”.

    Area Two – Patient Information

  • A Patient Summary
  • Patient Images
  • Navigate to Patient Work Area

    Select the folder icon next to the patient number. This will navigate you to the “Patient’s Work Area”.

    Area Three – Patient Healthcare Summary

    View a summary of patient healthcare details.

    Area Four – Visit Summary Details

    Visit Summary

    List view of visit dates and visit Vet/Nurse.

    Click on a visit date to view the summary below this section in the Visit Detail box.

    Visit Details

    Displays the visit summary of the selected visit from the ‘Visit Summary’ Box.

    Select the green arrow next to the visit heading to navigate to the visit record.

    Area Five – Next Appointment Notice

    RxWorks will notify you if the selected patient has an upcoming appointment.

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