Visit Screen – Finishing a Visit

Visit Screen – Finishing a Visit

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To finish a visit record from the Visit Work Area:

  • use the Save button in the Toolbar OR
  • Press Ctrl+S or F10.
  • This will open the ‘Finish Visit’ dialog box. The first three fields are particularly important to complete.

    Completing and Saving a Visit demo video

    1. Complete or Incomplete Visit
    2. You can save the visit as being incomplete by clearing the checkbox. You may do this for inpatients but rarely for outpatients.

    3. Summary Words for Reporting
    4. The Summary Words list is extremely important. Words you select will index the visit for statistics and case recall. They will also appear on the Patients screen beside the list of visit dates.

    5. Reminders
    6. Reminders showing here are reminders generated from the visit record you are saving. These reminders will be applied to a patient record on saving.

    7. Extra Instructions for Clients
    8. Extra Instructions appear at the foot of the invoice. You can use them to note revisit instructions, suture removal dates and so on.

    9. Transaction Types
    10. Transaction Type will probably not need changing. Check with your supervisor if your practice uses Transaction Types.

    11. Invoice Date

    Invoice Date defaults to the current date. If you are adding a visit for a previous day, you may wish to change the Invoice Date as well.

    Finish or Cancel

    Finish Button: creates an invoice without further options.
    Cancel Button: closes the Finish Visit dialog without creating an invoice, allowing you to make changes to the visit.
    You can save a visit as often as you like and each time it will open the Finish Visit box again.

    If your clinic uses Cost Centres for accounting purposes, a separate field will appear in the Finish Visit dialog to allow you to set the Cost Centre.

    Finish and Action Visits

    Choosing ‘Finish & Action’ from the Finish Visit Window creates an invoice and allows you to select further options regarding printing and sending the record to a clipboard.

    Receipt The Invoice

    Check this option if you are taking payment and would like to create a receipt for the visit invoice.

    Print The Invoice

    Check this option if you would like the visit invoice printed.

    Send To Clipboards

    This is the most common option.

    Generate Patient History

    Generates and prints the current patient’s history.

    Print Drug Classification Report

    Generates and prints a record of the drugs dispensed in visit. Dutch and Irish users only.

    Print Handouts

    If an item has been charged in the Visit Work Area that is associated with a handout, the handout will appear in the box underneath this option. Check the box for each handout you would like printed, and check the option to ‘Print Handouts.’
    Documents can be automatically printed upon completion of a visit, depending on which procedures and fees have been charged.
    With Performance Pack, you can have several documents attached to a procedure. These will normally support your practice’s Standards of Care.

    Example of printing handouts

    If you are completing a visit for a Dog Spay procedure, your practice’s Standards of Care may require a Patient Discharge, Neutering Certificate, and Aftercare Instructions to be printed along with the Invoice.
    The documents that were attached to a procedure or fee charged in the visit appear in a list in the ‘Print Handouts’ field of the ‘Finalise Options’ dialog.

    Check the box next to each document you’d like to print.

    Or check the box next to ‘Print Handout’s to select them all, and then click OK.

    The ‘Send to Clipboards’ Option

    If you choose to ‘Send to Clipboards’ from the ‘Finish and Action’ Window, a new window will open displaying your clipboards.

    Keep Window Open While Adding Entries

    Selecting the ‘Keep window open while adding entries’ box will allow you to place the patient in two or more clipboards.
    For example, you may wish to put it on both Surgery Cases and Hospital Cases or on both Waiting to Pay and Follow Up.

    When you choose a clipboard

    Once you have selected a clipboard to send the visit to, click OK.
    According to the clipboard you have chosen, a Clipboard Entry dialog opens and will require being filled out.
    For further information please see the Online Manual Category on “Clipboards”.

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