Visit Screen – Duplicating Visits

Visit Screen – Duplicating Visits

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RxWorks allows you to duplicate existing Visits quickly and easily, making it simple to apply the same visit to multiple patients.
For example, you may be providing the same examination for several horses at a farm or stable.
You can duplicate visits as a one-off or use it for recurring batch processing for example for wellness schemes.
When duplicating a visit, the history text, charges, reminders and client instructions are duplicated to the new patient. You can select a new date and Doctor for the duplicated visits & choose whether the duplicated visits should be left incomplete or complete.

Duplicating a Visit to Multiple Patients

  • Create the first visit record for one of the patients or navigate to the visit you wish to duplicate.
  • Select DUPLICATE Visit from the “toolbar”.
  • The Duplicate Visit screen has options to allow you to search for patients individually or import a list of patients from a file or saved query.

    Find Patients

    To search for individual patients click Find Patient and search for the patient.
    You can add as many patients as required. Each patient you add will be listed in the Duplication List

    Import Patients

    Click Import Patients to import a pre-built list of patients.

    This can either be a pre-built text file of comma separated patient numbers, for example: 12343,234,100023,288883.
    Or it can be a saved RxWorks Query that has previously been built in Reports > Queries, Mail Merges & Listings. You may choose this option for wellness plans where the list of patients to duplicate the visit to may change over time.
    If using a saved query, RxWorks will run the query first to find the matching patients.
    The list of patients matching the import file will be displayed in the Duplication List.

    Select Options

    After establishing the list of patients in the Duplication List:

  • Confirm the date to use for the duplicate visits
  • Check the “Finalize Visits When Duplicating” to save the duplicated visits as complete and generate invoices. If this option is not checked the duplicated visits will be incomplete.
  • Check “Change consulting vet to logged in user” if required. If this is not checked, the duplicated visits will use the same vet as the source visit.
  • Click DUPLICATE VISIT to trigger the new visits.
  • Details on the Duplicate Visit Window

    1. Client Search Criteria
    2. Search for a client by name, initial, address or telephone number.

    3. List Clients Button
    4. Select LIST to view the clients that match the search terms entered for section 1.

    5. Search Results for Client
    6. This section will show all the clients that match your search terms. Double click to select an owner or location from the list.

    7. Owned By or Located At
    8. Choose whether you wish to match patients by owner or by location.

    9. Patient Search Criteria
    10. Search for a patient record by name, species or breed.

    11. List Patients Button
    12. Select LIST to view the patients that match the search terms.

    13. Search Results for Patients
    14. This section will show all the patients that match your search terms. Double click to select a patient from the list and add to the duplicate list

    15. The Duplicate List
    16. Lists all patients selected to duplicate the visit for. ADD or REMOVE a patient by selecting their record and using the appropriate buttons.

    17. Date for Duplicate Visits

    Set the date for the duplicate visit.

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