Visit Screen – Crediting A Visit

Visit Screen – Crediting A Visit

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There will be occasions where products are returned and a refund is issued to the client. There may also be other scenarios where a reversal of all applied charges is necessary.
In order to correctly reverse applied charges, it is necessary to apply the same charge again, only in negative quantity and/or price.
This is especially true if you are crediting a stock item back into your inventory.

In some cases, deleting a visit and all related charges has the same result. However, this can conflict with your practice security policy for visit deletion.
By using the Credit Visit function, you can reverse all visit charges, quickly and accurately. Read on to see how to apply a credit via the Credit Visit feature.

Crediting A Visit

  1. Locate a completed visit that you wish to apply a credit to.
  2. Select the TOOLS TAB at the top of the screen.
  3. Select CREDIT VISIT.
  4. A new visit will be created with today’s date. The visit will contain all visit charges from the original visit, but with a negative total value. Inventory items will have a negative quantity to ensure that they update your inventory correctly.

  5. Save and complete the new ‘credit’ visit as normal.

A negative (credit) invoice which offsets the original invoice is now visible on the Financial Screen.

You should review the client financial information after a credit has been applied as credits do not address reversal of payments. If a refund is to be issued, a negative payment is also required, as per the example below.

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