Unresolved Messages – (Incoming)

Unresolved Messages – (Incoming)

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Why Are Some Incoming Messages Unresolved (Unattached)?

The “Client Communication Workflow” (for Incoming email) is used to attach client emails to “communication records” in RxWorks.
RxWorks will try to import all email messages from the ‘Incoming’ folder as part of this process.
The mains steps in this process are as follows:

  • RxWorks will attempt to match the ‘From’ address of an email, with an email address of a “client record”.
  • If no client email address in your database matches the email ‘From’ address, the email will be marked as ‘unresolved’ and moved to another folder for manual identification.
  • Messages that cannot be attached to a client record are not downloaded to the RxWorks Email Manager.
  • Emails may not attach to your client record for the following reasons:

  • You do not have a client email address for a client in the “Client Work Area”.
  • The email address may be incorrectly recorded or misspelt.
  • Fortunately, there is an easy fix that will both attach the email message to your preferred client and add the email address into that client’s records.

    Managing Unresolved Incoming Emails

    When RxWorks fails to find a matching client record to attach an email to, those unattached emails will be moved into the ‘unresolved’ folder in your online email account. The message will stay in the ‘unresolved’ folder until you find a client record to attach the email to.

    Accessing Unresolved Emails In RxWorks

    Access your Unresolved Emails Management Work Area by:

    1. Navigate to the RxWorks Task Panel.
    2. Select ‘Email Manager.’
    3. Select ‘Unresolved Incoming Messages.’

    Identifying And Attaching Unresolved Emails In RxWorks

    1. Select the email account that is used for client communication from the drop-down list next to ‘Email Account’.
    2. Click the green button next to the drop-down list to begin synchronising with your email server. You will see a server query message while this occurs.
    3. A list of unattached email will be displayed. You may be able to discover the identity of the email sender from the message, text when viewed in your online email account, or the email address may give you some clues. Once you have enough information to begin a search or you know who the client is, click the ‘Edit’ button to begin searching.
    4. In the find dialogue screen, begin typing the name or other information to begin locating the client to attach the email to. Select the client from the list & click OK.
    5. RxWorks will begin attaching the email to your selected client.
    6. The email content will show in the client communications area.
    7. Email file attachments will be imported and available under the client attachments button.
    8. The Senders Email Address will be added to the client record. Adding the sender email address to the client record helps identify future emails for instant attachment to the client record.
    9. The resolved email is now moved from the UNRESOLVED folder to the RESOLVED folder in your email account.

    Now that the email is stored, all future email from this client should automatically attach to the client record.

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