The Task Panel

The Task Panel

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Although the Tasks Panel appears to be a set of shortcuts to Work Areas, if you investigate the menus, particularly tools and Utilities , you will find many management tasks shortcuts.

Task Panel Date

The date at the top of the Tasks Panel corresponds to the system date on your computer.  If you run a number of terminals or workstations from a central server, the system time will be the time on the central server.

If you run a peer-to-peer network, the system time will be the time on the local machine you are working on.
To change the date, double-click the time in the bottom right-hand corner of your Windows screen. This will bring up the Windows tool that allows you to change your system date and time.

Tips ‘N Tricks

The lower section of the task panel will randomly display an RxWorks Tip or Trick each time you log in.


Store you clinic’s important documents under the resources section for easy access.
For more information on this section please refer to “Tracking your Resources”.

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