The Program Work Areas

The Program Work Areas

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With many years of input from veterinary practices, RxWorks has evolved to fit the way a practice works.
As a result, its work areas include:


Lists ranging from clients with appointments, in the waiting room or waiting to pay a bill after their visit, as well as patients in the hospital and waiting for surgery to equipment borrowed and things you need to do.

Client File

An “area for client records” that includes personal, patient, visit and financial history details.

Counter Sales

An area for making “sales” at the front desk.


An area for managing simple “reports” such as Till Reconciliation, Banking, Reminders, Accounts and Statistics, as well as advanced business analysis.

Products and Services

An area for managing professional fees and inventory pricing. The Inventory section allows physical adjustment to quantities and order processing.


An area for configuring the program to make it best fit your business. Each area has its own “options and setup”.

RxWorks offers you the choice and flexibility to run your practice your way but at the same time provides industry best practice checks and balances. With RxWorks to help you audit and manage your business systems, you will always deliver a consistent quality service.
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