Tax Options for Malaysian Invoices

Tax Options for Malaysian Invoices

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Malaysian Government has legislated that items can have different tax options such as Exempt or Out of Scope. The legislation requires for the charges associated with these items to be split up on the invoice in their own sections, showing the total NET and total TAX amounts charged for each category.

In order to facilitate this, RxWorks has a new section on the Fee Details page, under the Categories tab called the Tax Status. This drop down currently has 3 different statuses – Normal, Exempt and OOS (Out of Scope).

Normal tax status means the item can be either 0% or 6% GST and will be allocated to the appropriate section on the invoice based on the above, ie 0% or 6% GST sections.

Exempt tax status means the item will be treated as tax exempt and the charges will be totaled in the Exempt section.

OOS tax status means the item is Out of Scope and the charges will be totaled in the Out of Scope section on the invoices.

The options themselves are stored internally in RxWorks and can not be altered by the user. This is so the reports aren’t accidentally broken due to the names changing. The benefit is that if there are any changes to the tax legislation, RxWorks can quickly alter the invoices without needing a new version and introduce new, or change the existing tax options.

Currently only the Account Style Invoice, Invoice with tax breakdown and Invoice Multiple with tax breakdown styles support this.

Note that these options are only visible to Malaysian clinics.
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