Supplier Price Catalog Update

Supplier Price Catalog Update

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Manually Maintaining Supplier Prices is an Onerous Task

RxWorks has been able to import price files from suppliers and update details automatically for several years. However that was only available for those suppliers supported in our E-commerce function. Prices from other suppliers that could not provide data in the accepted format had to be updated manually. It was a time-consuming and error-prone task.
We’ve addressed the problem with the Supplier Price Catalog Update function.

What is it?

You can now build a simple CSV (comma separated value) file with your suppliers’ price updates. The Catalog Update then converts that file into one that can be used by RxWorks as a bulk price update file. You can easily create a CSV file from Excel.
Obviously it can only be used for items that you already have recorded in RxWorks Inventory
For more information, please download the instructions for use.

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