Supplier Configuration

Supplier Configuration

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Suppliers that you order inventory from can be configured in RxWorks. This allows you to place orders and enter goods receipts for this supplier as part of your inventory management process.
Once a supplier has been configured, brands can be created for each item that you order from the supplier, including stock order code, bar code and pack size.

Supplier Configuration Screen

To access the supplier configuration screen, go to Task Panel > Inventory > Management & Reporting > Configure Suppliers.

The screen is broken up into 2 sections. The left hand side shows a list of suppliers in your system. When you select a supplier from the list their details are shown on the right hand side.

Filtering & Searching for Suppliers

To find a supplier in the list, enter the name of the supplier into the “Filter by name” text box. As you type, the list will automatically filter.
Click Include deactivated to show deactivated suppliers in the list as well as active ones. By default this option is not checked.
Deactivated suppliers are shown in grey text.

Supplier Details

Supplier Name

The name of the supplier. This will be used wherever the supplier is referenced.


The website URL of the supplier. If this is entered you can click Open Website to go directly to it


The address for the supplier.


To deactivate the supplier check this option. To activate them, uncheck it.

Printed Notes

Notes entered here will print on any orders created for the supplier


This is the % discount you have agreed with the supplier

Contact Details

Enter the details of up to 2 contacts you have at the supplier. This information is for reference only

Receive Orders by Unit Price

This option affects the default price mode when entering goods receipts.

Automatically Apply Price Updates

This option is only applicable if you are using E-Commerce module and the supplier is integrated with RxWorks. If checked the option will automatically import new price files when the supplier makes them available. If it is not checked, you will be notified when a new price update file has been published and be able to manually import it at a convenient time.

Add a new Supplier

To add a new supplier:

  • Click add supplier.
  • Enter the details including a name.
  • Click save.
  • Editing Supplier Details

  • Select a supplier from the supplier list to view its details.
  • Update the details as required.
  • Click save.
  • Delete a Supplier

  • Select the supplier you wish to delete.
  • Click delete.
  • You can only delete a supplier that has not been referenced elsewhere in brands, orders or receipts. If the supplier you are deleting has been used you will be prompted to deactivate them instead.

    Online Ordering

    If the supplier integrates with RxWorks for online ordering, click Configure Online Ordering to enter the integration details. See the next article “Order Interface Configuration” for more information.

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