SQL Backups – Scheduled Tasks

SQL Backups – Scheduled Tasks

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All backup and maintenance tasks are controlled by a process called ‘RxWorks.TaskHost.exe’. This file is located in the folder ‘RxWorksBin’ on the server.
RxWorks.TaskHost.exe is always running in the background as the scheduled task ‘RxWorks Backgrounder’. The backgrounder (RxWorks.TaskHost.exe) is scheduled to run at 5 minute intervals in the Windows Task Scheduler. If this task fails to run then the backup process will not begin.

This task is already set up on “RxWorks supplied servers”. If your server is supplied by a 3rd party it is recommended that your technician check that the scheduled task is able to run with following settings:

  • A scheduled task called ‘RxWorks Backgrounder’ is set up in the windows task scheduler.
  • The scheduler is set to execute ‘RxWorksBinRxWorks.TaskHost.exe’.
  • The task is set to start at 06:00hrs.
  • The task is set to repeat every 5 minutes for the duration of 1 day.
  • The task is stopped if it runs longer than 3 days.
  • The task is run from an appropriate administrative account that is not used by any other system users. The user must be set up with a password that does not change.
  • In Windows 7 or 2008, ensure the option ‘Run with Highest Privileges’ is selected.
  • There’s one more thing required to get this going.
    In addition to the backgrounder task, you need to enter the machine name in Task Panel > Tools & Utilities > Miscellaneous > View Background Task Status.
    Click the option at the top ‘background tasks are configured to run on XXXX’ and enter the machine name.

    This is to ensure the backgrounder does not run on multiple front end machines if a tech has accidentally set up scheduled task on multiple machines.

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