SQL Backups – Checking Backups

SQL Backups – Checking Backups

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There are a number of ways to check that your backups have completed successfully.
Please find below, instruction on how to access the RxWorks Backup Manager Window.

Accessing The Backup Manager Window

You can access the Backup Manager Window by:

  1. Go to the RxWorks Task Panel.
  2. Go to ‘Tools and Utilities.’
  3. Select ‘Backups.’

From The Notifications Area

The Notifications Area will show an alert if any part of the backup has failed to complete successfully for 4 days or more. The notifications area is displayed in the bottom left corner of the RxWorks main screen.
Clicking on the notification will open the Backup Manager screen for further details & access to the logs.

Through the Last Successful Backup Dates

The last successful dates section of the Backup Manager Screen shows the last time each backup component completed successfully.
The ‘Last Successful Dates’ Area should report:

  • A Full backup has completed in the last 24 hours.
  • A Log backup has completed in the last 1-2 hours.
  • Maintenance has been completed in the last week.
  • If you have an RxWorks-Supplied Server an additional server date notification is shown. A full Server backup should complete once every 24 hours.

    Additional Information

    When the backups are up to date and have completed without error, a green icon will be displayed.
    If a backup is overdue or there was an error, a cross icon will be displayed next to the backup type, and the last successful date will appear in red.
    The last known error will show underneath the backup type that failed.

    Checking Backups Through the Logs and Folders Section

    The logs & folders area provides shortcuts that open:

  • The RxWorks backup log text file.
  • The Full backup folder.
  • The Log backup folder.
  • If running an RxWorks supplied server, you will also see a link to the Server Backup log (text file). This log file shows if the full server image has completed successfully.
    You can view your logs for instances of errors which may indicate why a backup has failed to complete.

    Example Log Files

    Below are a couple of examples of complete FULL and LOG backup files. To view larger versions of each, please click on the images.

    Example of the completed nightly full backup file

    Example of the completed hourly log backup file

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