Smart Link Appointment Booking

Smart Link Appointment Booking

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Smart Links allow a web-link to be included as a merge field for either a document or a text message. The client will receive this link in an email or SMS message on their phone or computer. They can click the link to be taken to an appointment booking page, which is pre-populated with their client and patient details.

Document Templates

Template Configuration

To configure a document template to include the smart link, the NextReminderBookingLink merge field needs to be added to the required merge template.
When the document is merged this field will contain the booking link to navigate into the Vetstoria booking platform.

Client Email Address Configuration

Set up the email address on the client. This will be the the recipient for the booking reminder.
Firstly click on the ‘Contacts’ button on the client page:

Enter the email address to receive the reminder.

Sending A Smart Link Booking Reminder

The next step is to actually send the email reminder. This can be done as part of the reminder merge letter process, or manually.
To do this manually, go to the Patient tab, and select the ‘Letters’ button on the ribbon:

Then select the ‘Appointment missed‘ document. This document has been configured to contain a merge field for the Vetstoria smart-booking link. Then click the Email button to send:

The booking reminder email is then received on the client’s smartphone:

Click on the link to be taken to the appointment booking workflow.

SMS Smart Links

Template Configuration

Similarly as for documents, the “Appointment Booking Link” merge field must be added to an SMS template in order for the booking link to be merged when sending a message to a client:

Client SMS Number Configuration

Add the mobile number to the contacts entry. You must add the country code and then the mobile number without the leading digit. In this example, the mobile number is a mobile in Australia (country code 061) with the phone number:

Sending the SMS Message

The SMS can be generated as part of an automated process, such as AMM, or can be sent manually.
To send a message manual , go to the patient page and select Message from the ribbon. Then ensure there is a checkbox next to the required mobile phone number:

Select the template that has been configured to include the smart-booking merge field. Then adjust the message text if necessary and click on the Send Message button:

The SMS message (including the smart-booking URL link) will then be received on the target phone. The user can click on the smart-booking link to be taken to the Vetstoria booking workflow.

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