Simplified Address & Appointment Labels

Simplified Address & Appointment Labels

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In 5.2, address labels are generated using word processor & mail merging (eg through Microsoft Word). This adds overhead in launching Word processor and also can cause technical issues with some label printer drivers.

So in 5.3, a simplified set of client & patient address labels can now be created which do not rely on a word processor.
Also added is a quicker and simplified way to print an Appointment Label directly from the Appointment Grid.


Label Templates

Multiple client and patient address labels can be added to account for different scenarios.

To add a new client or patient address label or edit an existing one and configure the merge fields:

  1. Open Reports > Section H – Setup & Document Editing
  2. For either Client or Patient Documents, select Address Labels
  3. Click the Edit button.

Page Style

The page style determines which label printer the address label will print to. 5.3 introduces a standard page style which is used for address labels, called Rx Address Label. By default in 5.3, the standard Drug Label page style & any personalisations for different computers in the clinic is duplicated, so address labels will print to the same printers as drug labels. This can be edited in Options & Setup > Report & Reminder > Page Styles by editing the Rx Address Label page style

Printing Labels

There are 2 distinct ways of printing address labels – the first and most straightforward being printing from the client, patient or visit screen. The second way is printing from an appointment itself.

Printing From Client, Patient or Visit Screen

Printing from a client, patient or visit screen is done through the following steps:

  1. From the client, patient or visit screen click Print from the ribbon bar and select Address Labels. Alternatively on the print forms dialog, just select the Address Label tag.
  2. A list is displayed of the configured address labels.
  3. Select the required label and click Print

Printing Appointment Label From Appointment Grid

To print an Appointment label associated with a given appointment entry the following steps should be followed:

  1. Right click on the desired appointment entry
  2. Select Print Appointment Label (it is towards the bottom of the menu)

The major difference here is the lack of a label selection screen, the label printed will be the one set to “Use As Appointment Lable” which is visible when accessing the label configuration through Reports > H – Setup & Document Editing.
Note that only one label can be set as the default for the Appointment Label.

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