Schedule Roster Clipboards

Schedule Roster Clipboards

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The RxWorks clipboard has been enhanced to cater for employee rosters and periods of unavailability such as public holidays and vacation. In fact any recurring pattern of availability or unavailability can be configured for a clinic / clipboard combination. The existing manual blockout will be retained for ad hoc usage however the technique of copying blockouts forward can be replaced by setting up a schedule.
Two new functions called “Schedule Configuration” and “Schedule Display Settings” have been introduced to facilitate this functionality.


  • “Configuration”
  • “Policy Restriction”
  • “Schedule Display Settings”
  • “Schedule Configuration”
  • “Public Holidays”
  • “Schedule Patterns”
  • “Configure Weekly Recurring Roster”
  • “Multi Week Schedules”
  • “Hovering / Anchor Tags”
  • “Deletion”
  • “Creating A Schedule Without A Category”
  • “How To Rename A Category”
  • “Clipboard Schedule Configuration Policy”
  • “Clipboard”
  • “Reason For Schedule Blockout”
  • “How To Ignore Schedules When Adding An Appointment”
  • Configuration

    Policy Restriction

    A user must have the “Allow Clipboard Schedule Configuration” policy enabled to modify “Schedule Configuration” & “Schedule Display Settings”, refer Schedule Configuration Policy restrictions for details.

    Schedule Display Settings

    Task Panel > Tools and Utilities > Clipboard > Schedule Display Settings

    When a schedule restricts access to the clipboard it will display the “Blocked Schedule Appointment Type” in the grid. So in the above example the “No Appointments” appointment type will be shown. It will use the color associated with the appointment type to indicate to users that this time isn’t available. An entire clipboard column can be hidden from view on the grid when a clipboard is “unavailable” for an entire day due to clipboard schedules and the “Show Unavailable” checkbox is turned off. Once the setting has been changed the clipboard may need to be Refreshed for the clipboard to appear/disappear depending on the setting.

    Schedule Configuration

    Make sure the groups are visible in the left hand side of the clipboard screen, pressing the expand button in the toolbar will make it appear:

    Now right click any group or clipboard in that region and a pop up menu will be displayed with Schedule Configuration at the bottom:

    Public Holidays

    The simplest way to understand the configuration is via a couple of examples. Firstly, let’s consider how to block out public holidays on the assumption that our clinic doesn’t work on these days.

    Launch Schedule and click the I button. You will be presented with following dialog:

    Add a Name, Category such as “Public Holidays 2018”, “Clinic Closed”. The notes is an optional text field. However, the Visible To drop down specifies which clinics may be affected by this schedule. When the Visible To is set to “Global – All Clinics” the schedule patterns (further down) will determine which clinics are affected.

    The button in general means add. Depending on the context it will either add all the clipboards for a Group or an individual clipboard.
    To apply a schedule to a clipboard group, select the Group with the drop down button and press the button at the end of the Group line and all the clipboards in that Group are added. To do them individually press the at the end of the Clipboard line in conjunction with the drop down list.

    Select a clipboard, press the button and Save it using the button.
    In our example we will hit the button beside Dr Chris and this will associate the Dr Chris clipboard to this schedule.

    After saving you will see the following dialog:

    The Category entered on the previous screen acts as a grouping when you return to this screen.You don’t have to enter a category but it is a mechanism for keeping similar schedules and rosters in the same group and prevents this dialog from getting too cluttered.

    The button beside “Clinic Closed” can be used to create another schedule in the same Category and would show the Add New Schedule dialog prefilled with the “Clinic Closed”. For example, when you have multiple clinics you might have one that is closed on other days besides public holidays and you could create a new schedule beneath the Clinic Closed group.

    The image indicates that there is one schedule in this group. As you add more the number would increase so that you know how many schedules are present without having to expand the Category.

    Click on “Clinic Closed” and you will see “Public Holidays” beneath it, click it again and the category will collapse.

    Schedule Patterns

    Now click on the button beside “Public Holidays”. You will see the Schedule Patterns dialog as shown below:

    This is where the schedule weeks, days, times and dates are defined. The green grid means that everything is available at present since no patterns have been defined.
    The Active From/To dates are critically important as the schedule will be active between these dates and will impact clipboards attached to the schedule, the default Active From/To dates will make this schedule immediately available.
    A schedule will become active between the From Date and the To Date inclusive. The schedule never ends when a To Date hasn’t been specified.

    Give this schedule pattern a name such as “Public Holidays 2018” and change the From/To dates to 1/1/2018 & 31/12/2018 respectively. This will prevent the schedule from being evaluated until 2018.

    When you configure a schedule pattern that will specify periods of unavailability such holidays or vacation you would leave the Available checkbox Off as shown above. However, when you configure an availability pattern such as “Opening Hours” you would turn the Available checkbox On.

    Since we set the Visible To drop down to “Global – All Clinics” on the parent schedule we have the option to configure whether this schedule pattern applies to all clinics. But since this is a public holiday schedule pattern
    it will apply to “All Clinics” in this example.

    Since we are just entering dates to exclude use the date ranges section at the bottom to enter the public holidays for 2018.

    Save the Schedule, click on the “Clinic Closed” group again and you will see a new line in light brown which represents the schedule pattern we just defined as shown below. You can edit it again by pressing the button at the end of the line.

    Now log on to RxWorks and change the date to 1/1/2018 which is a public holiday, notice that all the appointment slots for Dr Chris are unavailable as shown below:

    This happens because the Public Holiday schedule we defined was applied to the Dr Chris clipboard. To attach the schedule to all clipboards we would go back to Schedule configuration and press the button beside all the schedule Groups.

    To hide the clipboard entirely we could have turned off the “Show Available” button in Schedule Display Settings.

    Configure Weekly Recurring Roster

    Let’s suppose that Dr Chris works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday afternoon every week at the Highfield clinic. We would save the following Schedule:

    Expand the Rosters Category by clicking “Rosters” and click the beside Dr Chris’s Roster and define the following schedule pattern:

    Notice that we _didn’t_ include Thursday because it is only a half day and we need to define another schedule pattern for that next. Also notice that there is a preview of the working hours in the grid. Save the schedule pattern and press the beside Dr Chris’s Roster again and create the following schedule pattern for Dr Chris’s half day on Thursday which we will assume is 08:00 to 12:00 which we accomplish by adding a Time Range:

    Now go to the clipboards and look at a Wednesday as shown below, notice that is unavailable because we only specified Monday, Tuesday and Thursday as being available so everything else is unavailable.

    Now go to a Thursday, shown below, and you will see the afternoon is blocked out according to our schedule patterns. When you hover over green portion it shows the message “Outside available schedules” because the region is unavailable due to it NOT matching the available pattern we defined.

    “Outside Available Schedules” missing

    Multi Week Schedules

    The system supports multi week rosters by creating multiple patterns. Let’s assume that Dr Harry works a 2 week roster where he works Mon, Tue, Wed in Week 1 and Thursday Friday Saturday in week 2. His 2 week roster commences on Jan 1 2018. In order to facilitate this schedule we will create one schedule with 2 patterns and take advantage of the recurrence feature. Start by clicking the button beside Rosters to add a new Roster and create and Save the following schedule:

    Now press the beside Dr Harry’s Roster to create the first week of the 2 week schedule as shown below:

    Notice that we recur every 2 weeks starting on 1 January 2018. Now can create a new schedule pattern by pressing the beside Dr Harry’s Roster again and setting up week 2 of the roster by altering the recur start date:

    If we inspect the clipboard grid for 1/1/2018 it shows that Dr Harry is available to work on this day and Dr Chris isn’t because he is assigned to the “Public Holidays” Schedule and Dr Harry isn’t we could easily rectify this by applying the “Public Holidays” schedule to Dr Harry.

    Now if you move to Thursday the 4th, below, you will see that Dr Harry is unavailable this week as he only works Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this week.

    But if you go to the following week on the 11th Dr Harry is available because he works Thursday, Friday & Saturday every 2nd week:

    You can use this technique to generate 3 weekly rosters etc by creating a pattern for each week and staggering the start date.

    Hovering / Anchor Tags

    When you hover over a name and an underline appears it means you can click this name an action will occur. In the case of Categories it will expand and collapse the Category contents. Schedules will launch the edit Schedule dialog and schedule patterns will show the pattern coverage using the schedule overview.


    The entire schedule including patterns and associated clipboards can be deleted by pressing the Delete button from the Edit Schedule dialog. Clipboards can be removed from the schedule by pressing the icon and schedule patterns can be deleted by pressing the button on the schedule pattern dialog.

    Creating a Schedule Without a Category

    If you create a schedule without a category, the schedule is displayed below and outside any existing Category groupings. In the example below, the schedule was named ‘Schedule without Category’ and displays standing alone as shown:

    When you hover over a category or schedule a green outline is displayed to help identify the item you are working with.

    How to Rename a Category

    The only way to rename a category is to edit each schedule in the Category and change the category name to the new category name.

    Clipboard Schedule Configuration Policy

    The Clipboard Schedule Configuration Policy is required to access the Clipboard Schedule but it also controls who can update the schedule.
    A user who has clinic restrictions will only be able to view and edit schedules and patterns which match their clinic restrictions
    A will only “see” clipboards that the user can access in the clipboard drop down.


    Reason For Schedule Blockout

    The clipboard grid can identify the schedule when the schedule pattern is “unavailable” because the day time slot matches the unavailable pattern so in the example below 26 Jan 2018 is a public holiday.

    However, the “available” pattern identifies when a date time slot is “available” and we blockout the inverse entries. As there may be a number of patterns in play it is not possible to determine which available pattern is causing the time slot to be made unavailable, the message “Outside Available Schedules” is shown.

    How To Ignore Schedules When Adding An Appointment

    A new checkbox has been added to the appointment/miscellaneous entry dialog as shown:

    When this checkbox is selected schedule blockouts are removed and the appointment time drop down will contain all available times excluding appointments and times unavailable due to the duration of the appointment you are trying to make. Once the appointment has been made it will show in the appropriate unavailable time slot that was selected.

    However, when a clipboard has been blocked out for the whole day by a schedule accessing the appointment functionality is prevented from the clipboard grid itself. In this situation you will need to expand the clipboard groups and select the clipboard itself as shown below:

    Now you will be able to right click in the appointment area and Add an appointment and click the Ignore Schedules checkbox and make the appointment.

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