Remittance Slips

Remittance Slips

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What is a Remittance Slip?

In short, a remittance slip is a tear-off sheet attached to the bottom of an invoice. It’s purpose is to clarify exactly what is being payed for and how much is being payed.
A remittance slip will list the recipient’s information. This includes the recipient:

  • name
  • address
  • additional contact information
  • custom information such as an account number.
  • Remittance slips can also provide account payment information, such as a credit card number and expiration date.

    In RxWorks, remittance slips are automatically attached to all account statements.

    Customized Remittance Slips

    RxWorks allows clinics to customise your remittance slips.

    The remittance slip is an image file that is attached to the bottom of account statements.
    With this in mind, you can use almost any graphics application (for example MS Paint, Corel Paintshop Pro and Adobe Photoshop) to custom design remittance slips.
    Your custom Remittance Slip can include your practice’s logo and color scheme, in addition to your desired form fields (see example above).
    If you do not create a custom file, RxWorks will use the default Remittance Slip.

    How To Create A Custom Remittance Slip

    1. Go to the RxWorks TASK PANEL.
    2. Click on REPORTS.
    3. Select ‘H: Setup & Document Editing.’
    4. Under Letter Head and Footer Graphics, select ‘Remittance Template.png’ from the drop-down list.
    5. Click the EDIT option next to the drop-down list for Letterhead and Footer Graphics.
      • The image will open in MS Paint.

    6. Before you begin modifying the image, select FILE > SAVE AS.
    7. Type “remittance” into the File name field, and keep the image file type as ‘.png.’
    8. Click SAVE.
    9. The file will be saved in the Logos folder on the RxWorks server.

    10. Modify the image to suit your requirements.
    11. SAVE the file.

    Different Remittance Slips for Multiple Clinics

    If you need different versions of your remittance slip for branch practices, you can save copies of the original remittance slip file into sub-folders for appropriate for the clinic.

    How To Copy The Original Remittance Slip Image

    1. Follow the steps as outlined under the article index ‘Custom Slips’ to open the original file.
      • Make sure you save a copy of the original before any edits are made to the branch clinic copy.
    2. Select FILE > SAVE AS.
    3. If you do not already have one, create a new folder to represent the branch clinic under ‘LOGOS’ if you do not already have one.
    4. Double-click the branch clinic folder to open it.
    5. Enter ‘remittance’ as the file name and keep the file format as ‘.png.’
    6. Click SAVE.
    7. Edit the remittance image as needed.
    8. SAVE the file when your changes are complete.

    How This Works

    If you have a branch clinic set up in RxWorks, it will have a number listed next to it’s name when logging into the program. For example, number 2.

    When accounts are printed, RxWorks will check for a branch clinic version of the remittance slip according to the branch clinic you are logged into.It does this by searching any subfolders in your LOGO folder. Any branch subfolder must be named with the corresponding number it is associated with in RxWorks.

    If the program does not find a branch clinic copy of the remittance slip, it will then look in the parent directory.
    To summarise:

  • For single site practices or multi-site practices where all branches will use the same Remittance Slip, it should be located in the directory RxWorkstemplateslogos.
  • For multiple branches, put a copy of the file in sub-directories named by the clinic number. For example, place the file for Clinic 1 in the directory RxWorkstemplateslogos1.
  • To print your account statements with the correct branch clinic remittance slip:

    1. Generate all your account statements from Reports > B: Accounts, Debtors And Tax Analysis > Create Account Statements.
    2. You do not need to print any statements at this stage.

    3. Once the statements have been generated you can print them with the correct branch clinic remittance slip by ‘Reprinting’ and filtering by clinic.

    By filtering by clinic, RxWorks will then check the LOGO folder for the correct version of the remittance slip to use on those account statements. So, if you filter by clinic 2, RxWorks will use the remittance slip filed under RxWorkstemplateslogos2.

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