Release Notes v5.3

Release Notes v5.3

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5.3 is our latest release which includes a number of highly requested features along with changes for legislation.

What’s in 5.3?

Schedule Roster Clipboards

The RxWorks clipboard has been enhanced to cater for employee rosters and periods of unavailability such as public holidays and vacation. In fact any recurring pattern of availability or unavailability can be configured for a clinic / clipboard combination. The existing manual blockout will be retained for adhoc usage however the technique of copying blockouts forward can be replaced by setting up a schedule. Two new functions called “Schedule Configuration” and “Schedule Display Settings” have been introduced to facilitate this functionality.

Simplified Address/Appointment Labels

Previously, address labels were generated using word processor & mail merging (e.g. through Microsoft Word). This adds overhead in launching Word processor and also can cause technical issues with some label printer drivers.
In 5.3, a simplified set of client & patient address labels can be created which do not rely on a word processor. Also added is a quicker and simplified way to print an Appointment Label directly from the Appointment Grid.

Search Tags and Report Enhancements

In 5.3, certain records can now be ‘tagged’ with custom search words or tags, to help when looking for them.
Tags can be any word or short phrase which helps you identify that record. For example, a report may be tagged with the term ‘Financial’ or a castrate bundle with the terms ‘neuter’ and ‘desex’ so it is more easily found by users that may be new or unfamiliar with your naming conventions. Tags that have been set up for Items, Procedures & Bundles will be included in the search when using the binoculars search from a Visit.
Also added are that reports are now searchable to help find a specific report.

Care Plan Enhancements

We have added 3 enhancements to care plans:

  • Plan Count Care Plan Rule
  • Ability to Hide Price Break Down
  • Care Plan List Automatically Hides Expired Plans

    Care Plan Advanced Renewal Logic

    In RxWorks 5.3 we have introduced two new advanced rules that can be applied to care plan renewals in order to have more control over what plan will be selected at renewal. The two new rules are:

  • Renewal By Specific Plan
  • Renewal By Sub Category

    Cubex Enhancements

    Several changes have been made to Cubex integration to support multiple cabinets in a single location and where branch clinics in RxWorks are used for departments within the same physical location.

    Ad-Hoc Updates

    Search Box on Login Clinic Selection Screen

    A search box has been added to the clinic selection screen when logging into a multi-clinic setup. This is particularly useful when there are a large number of clinics in the system.

    Report – Reminder Listing Changes

    Under section 3 of Reports > D Reminders, the options for reminder listing have been changed slightly.

    To print a list of all reminders or emailed reminders, click ‘Reminder Listing Options’, then select from the options

    A new option allows a choice between including only reminders that are still active (previous default behaviour for standard reminder listing) or all (previous default behaviour for Emailed listing)

    Direct Debit Payment Option on Payment Screen

    Direct Debit has been added a payment type on the standard payment screen. This allows direct debits to be entered on an ad-hoc basis to an individual client as well as through the bulk import of payment screen.
    This is enabled from: Options & Setup > D. Finance > Till Float and Payment Methods

    Visit Binocular Search – Order of Results

    The order of the search results in the visit screen binoculars search has been updated to display more relevant results at the top of the list. Items, procedures or bundles that start with the first word you search for will be prioritised in the results.

    Provet Connect – Downloading Old Goods Receipts When First Configuring (Australia and New Zealand)

    When initially configuring Provet Connect and e-Commerce integration, it is sometimes necessary to download old goods receipts. The download has been made smarter based on the date of previous goods receipts that have been downloaded. If no previous receipts have been downloaded, it will check for any receipts in the last 120 days.

    Security for Delete Bank Audits – New Policy

    The ability to delete the most recent bank audits (Reports A1) is now controlled by a security policy. To grant a user access to this function, go to Task Panel > Tools & Utilities > Policies and grant the user access to the ‘Allow Till & Banking Audit Deletion’ policy. For more information on policies, see the RxWorks Online Manual.

    Data Wizard – Fee Deviations For Clinics

    The data wizard “Fee Deviations For Clinics” now includes a calculated sale price column to show the effect the the new percentage being entered on the actual price.

    Emailing Insurance Claims With Multiple Attachments & Long Names

    In previous versions, emailing an insurance claim and linking multiple attachments that had long names could cause the email to be sent with only the first attachment. This has been updated so all attachments correctly send

    Irish Addresses in Maps

    Irish addresses will now correctly display in Maps on the client > address screen (when logged into RxWorks from an Ireland setup)

    Expired Care Plans Now Hidden By Default in Config

    In Options & Setup > Item > Care Plans , expired plans are now hidden by default to reduce the list size. They can be viewed by changing the filter options in the top right corner.

    Cancelling an Appointment Security

    Right clicking on an appointment and cancelling it now only requires Modify Access to appointments. In previous versions, it required Delete access.

    Cancel Appointment Recall

    The cancelling an appointment screen now gives you the ability to set the recall date and add specific recall notes.

    Advanced Analysis – Analysis of Cancelled Appointments

    The Advanced Analysis Report for Cancelled Appointments has been updated to now include the Original Appointment Date, Appointment Time and the user that cancelled the Appointment.

    Synchronising Clinic Filters Between Parent & Child (Personalised) Procedures

    When making changes to clinic filters on procedures, RxWorks will now:

  • When a clinic filter is added to a child procedure, automatically add to the parent.
  • When a clinic filter is removed from a child procedure, automatically remove from the parent.
  • When a clinic filter is added to a parent procedure, automatically add to the child.
  • When a clinic filter is removed from the parent procedure, automatically remove from the child.
  • Backorders Now Show by Supplier

    As the same product can be ordered from different suppliers, working out which had a backorder was confusing. The Backorder screen has been updated to show the Supplier which the backorder was generated from.

    Changing Cost Centre updates all Consultation Items

    Changing the costs centre on a consultation now asks if you would like to update all the consultations items to that new cost centre. This mirrors the behaviour when you change the consulting vet on a consultation.

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