Release Notes v5.1

Release Notes v5.1

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The focus of RxWorks 5.1 has been on performance enhancements to bundle charging and price lookups along with provide many Data Wizards to make getting things done easier. A lot of work has been done to the core code beneath the surface to speed these processes up.

What’s in 5.1?

  • A number of bugs squashed.
  • Lots of performance enhancements to speed up Bundle Charging and Price Lookup.
  • Plus…
  • Ability now to perform bulk update of procedure prices from the user interface

    The new tool allows the user to perform a bulk change to procedure fixed prices by a given percentage – either to increase or decrease the prices.


    Multiple Enhancements to Data Wizards

    RxWorks now has four new Datawizards available, one to allow quick update of procedures and three to specifically help with fast updates for fee deviations. Due to the number of Datawizards available a new feature has been introduced – searching.

    Data Wizard Updates now available:

    • New Procedure Update Data Wizard
    • New Price Deviation Data Wizard
    • New Service Level Fee Deviation Data Wizard
    • New Fee Deviation Data Wizard
    • New Fee Deviation for Clinics Data Wizard


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