Release Notes v5.0

Release Notes v5.0

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New Features

Stock Control – Batch Level Tracking & Traceability

RxWorks now has the ability to track your stock at Batch Level, meaning more accurate stock control and trace-ability.


Stock Control – Prevent Cost Price Reduction from Suppliers

On a per supplier basis, RxWorks can now be configured to prevent a reduction in cost price when importing a supplier price file or importing a goods receipt.


Stock Control – Customised Catalog Update for Henry Schein (Dunlops)

Henry Schein (UK) supplier can now be configured to download catalog updates which have been customised for your clinic.


Improved Patient Visit History

Patient Timeline

We have added an alternative to the patient visit history called the Patient Timeline. This shows activity for that patient chronologically, such as visits, lab results, documents printed, vaccinations, reminders etc.


Visit History – Number of Visits to Display

In previous versions, the number of visits to automatically display on a visit history was limited to help improve loading speed. This was adjustable with a call to the RxWorks Support desk.
You now have control of this setting yourself and is found in ‘Clinic Configuration’ and is Branch specific.

Options & Setup > Clinic > Clinic Details > pick clinic > Clinic Configuration

Charging Frequently Used Fees

Additional grouping within the ‘Add New Charge’ screen showing the latest top 50 charged items called ‘Frequent’.


Application Integrations

Electronic Microchip Registration (UK Only)

Registering microchips is a time consuming task. RxWorks now has the ability to register the microchip number electronically saving you time.


SmartFlow – Item Charging

Enhanced integration with SmartFlow now allows fee items, such as medications, to be added to a SmartFlow sheet and automatically be charged on the visit.


Provet Electronic Orders (Australia)

Ability for electronic orders to be sent and received from Provet.


SVS Wholesaler – Electronic Goods Receipts (New Zealand)

SVS Supplier in New Zealand now support electronic Goods Receipts which will be sent via email.

The SVS stock query page is now displayed on the right of the order without needing to open a new window to view the results.


Zebra Vet Wholesaler – Electronic Goods Receipts (Australia)

Zebra Vet Wholesaler in Australia now supports electronic Goods Receipts which will be sent via email.


Eclipse PACs Integration (UK)

RxWorks now has the ability to import and create links on the consultation in RxWorks to Dicom images stored on the Eclipse PACs.

VetStream/VetLexicon Clinical Content

VetStream content Search has been updated to use latest online version of VetStream content. This is accessed via Apps & Services menu > Content Search.
Note: requires subscription to VetStream clinical content services.

CUBEX Stock Transfer Integration

A new stock transfers workflow has been introduced to all transfer of stock to be done from a CUBEX cabinet.


Care Plan Improvements

Manual Renewals

In 5.0 we have extended the care plan functionality to include the ability to perform manual renewals.


Wellness Provider Registration State

Improved visibility of whether a CarePlan is registered with a Wellness Provider. This status is only visible where a CarePlan has a wellness provider configured and active for it.

Enhancements for Multi-Branch Practices

Clipboard Configuration and Appointment Types

Updates to clipboard configuration to allow clinic-restricted users to make changes to clipboards for only their own clipboards. i.e. not affect clipboards that other clinics can see

Allow branch clinics to filter which appointment types they want to see and also override the default time for appointment types. i.e. Branch A consultation appointment type may be 10 mins and branch B 15 mins.


Data Wizards

Additional Data Wizard Type section has been added called ‘Clinic Overrides’ with three additional Wizards to help manage branch specific settings:

  • Bundle Clinic Settings
  • Item Clinic Settings
  • Procedure Clinic Settings

Other Multi-Branch Enhancements

  • Ability to add and edit procedures on subscribers for replicated branch clinics.
  • Clipboard configuration and procedure configuration can now be done on the branch clinic subscribers and the changes will replicate back to the central publisher
  • Branch clinic overrides for ‘use only in procedures’ and ‘use only in bundles’ options on fees and procedures.

  • Clinic level override for item standard fees so a clinic can choose to use a different standard fee for a particular item. (for example injection or dispensing fees.


RxCloud Improvements

Continuous improvements to RxCloud as a result of feedback from initial users. RxWorks has also moved the databases into SQL Azure rather than hosting them in our own SQL Database giving users greater availability, redundancy and security.

General Enhancements

Bigger Visuals and Text

RxWorks now supports display DPI settings > 100%. Previously this would cause screens to not appear properly but these should appear as expected in 5.0. This will increase the size of all text displayed within the program
A per-user setting has been added to enable you to select the font size and font face specifically for the history text display, as you can see below:

Queries, Mail Merges & Listings

New option to enable ‘contains’ search for items charged in a consultation. Select the option ‘Consult Item Name’ from the ‘Consult’ drop down list.

Vet S8

  • Now uploads the wastage value to Vet S8
  • Ability to set an installation date so that old Visits won’t sent up controlled substances to Vet S8 when visits prior to the installation date are saved.
  • RxWorks now identifies the user who dispensed the controlled substance to make identification of the substance/ user simpler in the Vet S8 client interface.


SmartFlow Patient File Number will now contain the Rx Patient ID rather than Rx Consult ID.
Performance improvements and resolved Smartflow issue with typing in the summary text.


When deleting a banking audit (Reports > A1 > Banking Audit > Delete Most Recent Audit) the exported PDF copies of the report that was generated at the time of creating the bank listing is now moved to a ‘Deleted’ sub-folder (under RxWorksReportsAudit) rather than deleting.
This is for added security/fraud prevention. An audit record is also added showing the user & time that deleted the listing.

Only administrator users can perform this function.

Stock Reports

When printing a stock order from Stock > Orders > Print Stock Order, there is now an option to ‘Hide Pack Size’ from the report.

Invoice Styles

Invoice Procedure will now display help text for syndicated invoices, explaining the syndicated share %

Stock Ordering

When creating an order for an item that has more than 1 brand for the supplier, the default brand will now be selected rather than the first one

Miscellaneous Clipboard Entries

Delete Miscellaneous Clipboard Entries tool in Tools & Utilities > Clipboard will now correctly allow no clipboard to be selected; resulting in the miscellaneous entries from all clipboards being deleted

Set defaults for invoice printing or email

The default behavior for printing or emailing invoices on the payment page can now be set in Task Panel > Tools & Utilities > Application > Application Settings.

You have three options available:

  • Always Print, Never Email
  • Always Print, Email If Available
  • Email if Available, Otherwise Print

Emailing PDF Account Statements

When emailing PDF account statements, the friendly name is now being set to resolve an issue with Yahoo inboxes being unable to display the attachments.

Functional Changes

Clipboard Appointment Data Popups on Cloud Platform

Users will now need to click on the appointment in order to get the popup showing the full data. This behavior has been changed as in some circumstances, the incorrect data was being presented to the user. By clicking on the appointment, the system knows exactly what data to present ensuring the correct data is presented at the correct time to the user.

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