Release Notes v4.9

Release Notes v4.9

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Many of our clients provide us with ideas on improving the functionality of RxWorks. The enhancements contained in V4.9 concentrate on providing capabilities that they have suggested.

There are several features and for convenience, we’ve grouped them to show where they will best help your practice.

Application Integration

Standard Practice System

You can now initiate the Standard Practice system from within your RxWorks software, eliminating the need to start it outside of RxWorks.


SmartFlow Hospitalisation Management

The admit/discharge workflow and rules for the SmartFlow integration have been amended to provide more flexibility in the process.


Methsof Vet S8 Controlled Drug Register (Australia)

RxWorks now integrates with Methsof’s Online Controlled Drug Register, Vet S8, to help maintain accurate records detailing all usage of these controlled drugs in your clinic.


Existing Module Enhancements

CarePlan Workflow

Rx 4.9 includes several enhancements in the way that discounts are applied in a Care Plan. They provide a better workflow and allow much more flexibility when dealing with Bundles, Procedures and Items.

To ensure that Care Plan cover is not provided beyond the term of the Plan, it is automatically cancelled when the End of Life is reached.


CarePlan Manager now includes the capability of building modular plans. This allows you the ability to build individual plans using components as well as other modular plans. An example of their use is in providing customised care plans for treatment of chronic patients. See the Release Notes for more details.


Care Plans can now include components that are charged and paid for in a different way to normal care plan components. Called Top Up fees, they are designed to allow charging for fees and services that are recognised as part of the care plan, but usually have different discounts to regular care plan components.


We’ve have revised views of Care Plans for patients to help you easily see what is included.


Insurance Manager

Several new features have been identified that help us better integrate with some Insurance Providers and we’ve included them in RxWorks V4.9


New ATV Advanced Analysis Report

A new report has been added to the Advanced Analysis Report section called ‘ATF Analysis’ (Average Transaction Fees).

ATV (Average Transaction Value) reports are popular for gauging current practice performance. However we recognise that practices may have slightly different ways to calculate their ATV. For example: invoices should only be counted if an examination has been charged.

We have created this report to cater for these different needs.


Lab Manager

The following new formats have been added to Lab Manager.

Lab results in HL7 2.4 format
Export lab results as XML for integration with external systems. This can be used to export lab results that are already stored in RxWorks to an external system.

New Security and Policies

Additional security and policies have been added to provide more control over access to several areas.


General Enhancements

There are several other enhancements included in V4.9 and here are the functions that have been improved.

Payment User Interface and Credit Card Surcharges

The user interface when adding payments has been updated with a workflow approach that is more consistent with other areas, and allows for additional workflow steps to be incorporated more easily in future releases.

The ability has also been added to allow Credit Card Surcharges to be applied to a client at the time of taking a payment to cover costs associated with processing the payment transaction.


Parent Procedure Grouping Change

This change has been implemented to help ensure pricing integrity when editing ‘parent’ and ‘child’ procedures from the visit screen we have made a change to how child procedures are grouped on the visit screen.


Payment Types that Fire the Cash Drawer

In previous versions the cash drawer would be fired (i.e. opened) whenever any payment type was added. This can now be restricted to specific payment types.
This can be configured via Options > Finance > Till Float & Payment Methods:

Associate Items with Multiple Species

Fee Items have been traditionally linked to a single species or ‘all species’. This was restrictive and often created the need for fees to be duplicated, allowing it to be charged for just a couple of species, i.e. cat & dog but not a rabbit.

In 4.9, RxWorks has changed this behaviour to now allow the ability for a single inventory item to be assigned to multiple species.


Tax Options for Invoices (Malaysia)

Recently the Malaysian Government legislated that items can have different tax options such as Exempt or Out of Scope. The legislation requires for the charges associated with these items to be split up on the invoice in their own sections, showing the total NET and total TAX amounts charged for each category.
RxWorks have responded to this and the ability to handle this has been added to RxWorks both at the fee level and at the invoice level. This feature is only visible to Malaysian clinics.


Cost Centre Workflow Options

For clinics who use multiple cost centres, the process of maintaining the same cost centre through multi-consult visits has been made easier by means of a new option to control the default value for cost centre field when adding a new consultation.

Checking this option will cause new consultations for a multi-consult visit to have the same value as the previous consultation. This allows the cost centre to “flow through” the visit, rather than defaulting back to the consulting vet’s default cost centre each time.

This is accessed via Tools & Utilities > Application > Application Settings.

New User Visit Setting – Skip Consult Add Dialog

A new user ‘Visit Setting’ has been added called ‘Skip Consult Add Dialog’.
If enabled for a user, when they add a new consultation, RxWorks will skip the ‘Add Dialog’ and creates a new blank consultation screen with that users default settings. This reduces the number of clicks a user needs to make and speeds up workflow.

The option can be found in: Task Panel > Options & Setup > User > Visit Settings

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