Release Notes v4.6

Release Notes v4.6

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Enhancements For: Client Loyalty

Insurance Claim Management

Increase client satisfaction as well as save staff time, with easy-to-use creation and management of insurance claims for clients.

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Enhancements For: Client Communications

Event Manager Templates and Twitter Education Campaigns

Automate your education and marketing campaigns to gain the most benefit from social media

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Enhancements For: Practice Efficiency

Boarding Manager

All the functions needed to manage administration and care for boarding patients.

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Internal Messaging

Efficient and easy-to-use messaging system for improving communications between practice staff.

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Cubex Cabinet integration

Increase accuracy and speed by submitting a dispensing request from the RxWorks visit directly to the Cubex cabinet.

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Enhancements to managing multi-clinic pricing

Simpler access to manage pricing for multiple clinics.

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Bundle Options

Bundles minimise the possibility of missing charges and speed up the entry of treatments. This enhancement specifies extra options and easily adds them without affecting the required bundle components.

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New Security Policies

Greater control over who can make changes to important information.

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Enhancements For: Ease Of Use

Global Email Address Book

Quickly provide addresses for people or businesses you regularly email from wherever you are in RxWorks.
Easy Access to Frequently Used Client Email Addresses.

When you need to send a copy of an email to another person and you copy that person regularly, it can be a frustrating and time wasting task searching for their address. An example is copying another veterinarian when sending patient history to a client.
Having addresses just for those people, that are always available when you’re sending emails, will save a lot of time.

How have we made them available?

We’ve developed a Global Email Address Book that allows you to select email addresses in your existing Client Database to be designated as always available to anyone requiring them. Simple but effective!
For more information, please “Download” the instructions for use.

Supplier Price Catalog Update

Easier import of prices from those suppliers that are not part of the RxWorks e-Commerce process.

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Enhancements For: Performance Measurement

Procedure Statistics

Helps manage the use of pre-defined Procedures by medical staff

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Referral Reporting

New reports are available to help monitor performance for referral or specialist practices.

Understanding the source and type of referrals is essential in managing a specialist practice.
You can now see the number of referrals and the revenue they generate analysed by the practice and veterinarian that’s referring, Period of time, Species and breed of the patients, and the category of presenting problem.

The reports are displayed in summary format, but you can “drill down” to get more detailed information on any figures you wish – letting you quickly access data on areas of business that interest you at that time.

Ad Hoc Enhancements

For more information, on Ad Hoc Enhancements please “Download”: the instructions for use.

Service Ratio Audit

Monitor any changes made to the pre-defined Service Ratio for individual visits.

Default Login Mode

Define if you wish to use RxWorks or Microsoft’s login mode.

New Query Criteria

Addition options available for data selection for Mail Merges and Listings.

Payment Dates

Uses date of the import for existing batch payment files.

Duplex account printing

Print Account Statements on both sides of the paper to reduce costs.

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Email Batch Account Statements

Help cash flow with faster delivery of Account Statements via email.

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