Recommended Peripherals

Recommended Peripherals

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We pre-test equipment such as printers, routers and workstations. The reason is very simple. It’s to ensure the best compatibility with our software and server solutions so they are not prevented from working the way they’re intended.

What we look for is reliability and the support provided by its manufacturer. Equipment that does not have a good track record will not make it onto our recommended hardware list. The cost of disruption in service is substantially greater than any marginal differences in purchase prices.

Using Hardware Supplied by RxWorks

RxWorks can provide all the hardware needed to run an efficient network solution in your practice. We guarantee that any equipment supplied by us will work effectively in an RxWorks environment. Our support team offers you hardware personnel familiar with our server setups who can deal with support requests quickly and professionally.

All equipment supplied by RxWorks is backed up with a full manufacturer’s warranty which is extended for all core equipment such as servers and workstations. There is little risk.

Using Hardware from Other Suppliers

You have the option of using hardware provided by someone other than RxWorks. In our terminology that’s third-party hardware. When considering that option, we strongly recommend that you check the following:

Is it RxWorks Compatible?

Your hardware will need to suit the recommended list and setup supplied by RxWorks. If your hardware does not ideally suit the advised RxWorks environment, we cannot guarantee it will work as intended.

Am I Set Up for Speedy Support?

RxWorks supplied networks include a speedy RDP connection straight from our global offices to you. With your permission, this allows immediate online connection to your equipment in order to solve your unwanted problems. If your support request is urgent, the time taken to establish this connection may be the difference between having it solved immediately opposed to over one or two days. We supply you with the information to set this up, however it will be your responsibility to maintain it.

You may also wish to consider the typical scenario we find for support requests. If your practice comes across a problem, the first call a staff member makes is to our global support team. Your staff may not always know whether the problem is related to hardware or software, and to help, our support team will spend time finding the cause.

However, if they suspect your support request is hardware related or due to an incorrect RxWorks environment, it may take much longer to identify. Your supplier or hardware technician may also need to get involved to correct the problem. The inevitable result is longer down-time and increased cost for everyone.

RxWorks provides computer hardware to remove as many possible causes of disruption we can so that your practice management system runs trouble free. As with medicine, prevention is better than cure.

Using Your Existing Hardware

No-one is interested in discarding any device that still has a useful life. The question we need to answer is, does that piece of hardware have the capacity to function as needed? If it can be used, that’s good news. However, if it is a potential source of disruption, it is worth considering that the replacement cost will be much less than the cost and frustration of continual poor performance.

There is one piece of hardware that should always be considered to replace. And that’s the server. The performance of the server depends on the combination of the hardware and server load. If the server does not have the same configuration as needed by the RxWorks Server Load, the chances and costs of disruption are greater. It will be better to use the existing server as a workstation rather than risk the reliability and effectiveness of your system.
If you have any question on your existing hardware compatibility, feel free to “contact RxWorks for an evaluation”:

Recommended as of 13th January 2015

“View the recommended peripherals list here.”

On occasion, a product may fall subject to availability. In this case (if ordering through RxWorks) the original product listed will be replaced with our next best recommendation. PDF downloads found on this web page will be updated regularly.
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