Program Version Number

Program Version Number

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Decoding An RxWorks Version Number

An RxWorks version number is made up of 3 sections that are separated by full stops.
For example: 3.9.15 or 4.3.1708.
The first section indicates the ‘major’ software version you’re running – RxWorks version 3 or RxWorks version 4. The second section indicates the ‘minor’ software version. RxWorks offer major public releases (generally every 6 months) and the minor software number is incremented for each of those releases. The final section is the specific ‘point’ version. In RxWorks version 4, this number increases every day as new development work is done.

Locating Your RxWorks Version Number

Your RxWorks Version Number can be located in three areas. These are:

The RxWorks Login Screen

The Status Bar (Rx4.0 & upwards)

The software version number is shown in the status bar at the bottom right hand corner of RxWorks, alongside the currently logged in user ID and the clinic that user is logged in to.

Selecting ‘About RxWorks’ From The RxWorks ‘Orb’.

Selecting the RxWorks ‘Orb’ Button and choose the ‘About RxWorks’ menu option.
This will open the ‘About’ screen, which provides information such as your version and serial numbers.

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