Procedure Fixed Price Bulk Update

Procedure Fixed Price Bulk Update

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In the previous version of RxWorks there has always been an option to perform a bulk price update by a given percentage.
With the introduction of fixed fees on procedures having the ability to perform the same action on procedures is the natural progression of the above concept.
The new tool allows the user to perform a bulk change to procedure fixed prices by a given percentage – either to increase or decrease the prices.

Note: this is only available to Performance Pack users who have the Performance Pack Spreadsheet Disabled.

Where To Find It

The new tool can be found in module Management > Performance Pack > Bulk Update of Procedure Fixed Prices.

Using The Tool – Settings and Restrictions

There are two important sections when using this tool, the Settings and the Restrictions section. The settings section allows you to select the percentage to change the prices and whether we are in preview changes only or commit to database mode.
The restrictions section allows the update to be applied to a specific setting and to all clinics – or if the setting is unticked only to the currently logged in clinic.

Increase or Decrease Prices

The percentage entered into Change Prices By input can be either positive or negative. If it is positive, the prices will be increased by the said percentage, otherwise they will be decreased.

Preview Only Or Commit Mode – Important Distinction

This tool allows you to preview the new pricing without actually making the changes in the database. The Preview Only option is ticked by default. If the Preview Only option is unticked the changes will be committed to the database.
When the update is run, whether we are in preview or commit mode, the program will generate a change file with the following columns:
Service Name, Procedure Code, Procedure Name, Clinic Name, Old Price, New Price, Effective Date
Assuming commit mode was selected, the file can be used to go over the changes and to allow changing of some procedure fixed prices manually if a new calculated fixed price was not what was intended.
On the other hand if preview only mode is used the file can be used to see how the prices would’ve looked if the fixed price update was committed.
It is highly recommended you run the tool in preview mode first and check the intended price updates before unticking the Preview Only option.
By reviewing the result you should prevent any incorrect changes being made when the update changes the actual data inside the database.

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