Patient Timeline

Patient Timeline

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A new ‘timeline’ of all activity with a patient has been added. This contains more ‘events’ and communications than the standard visit list view whilst remaining succinct to give a quick historical review screen before the patient arrives.

To access the patient timeline, click the Timeline button on the patient or visit screen ribbon bar.

What is included in the timeline view?

  • Visits (summarised by first 100 characters of history text and a list of the service headings charged)
  • Future & past appointments
  • Reminders
  • Documents that have been printed
  • Attachments, attached documents, images
  • Lab Results
  • Vaccinations given
  • Recalls actioned
  • Insurance claims
  • Microchip registration
  • Prescriptions expiring
  • Features
  • The timeline opens in a separate window, allowing it to be kept open for reference whilst working on a visit.

    The timeline will load future events, for example future appointments, when opened, but will automatically scroll to the most recent current event. A red bar indicates ‘today’ in the timeline.

    Filters at the top of the page allow quick scroll to a particular year. The ‘Show Clinical Records Only’ filter will restrict to displaying only visits and lab results. ‘Auto Expand Visits’ will default visits to showing full history text and charges, rather than the summary view.

    Visits show a summary of service headings that have been charged. Click the ‘View More’ button to show full history text and charges for the visit.

    Attachments and Lab Results have a ‘View Now’ button. This will open the corresponding item in a panel on the right so they can be viewed without leaving the timeline.

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