Patient Screen – List / Find Patient Records

Patient Screen – List / Find Patient Records

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From the client or patient Work Area, you can search for individual client or patient records that match certain variables by pressing Ctrl-F from either screen.

Enter basic details about the Client or Patient to search.

How to Use the Search

  • It is common to search by Client Name, Patient Name or combinations of both. When using Client Name you will be assisted by SmartFill. This lists names matching your search.
  • You can also search by Microchip number.
  • Phone is a useful search field if the client is not sure what name their patient is under. The number must be formatted correctly, so to reduce mistakes, try typing in just the last 4 digits of the number.
  • Client No searches are useful when payments arrive by mail. The payment slip will show the client number.
  • You can make use of more than one field in your search to narrow down the results list. The Tab key will allow you to move between fields.
  • Looking for other fields that aren’t as common?

    You can search for unusual or custom fields by clicking on the QUERY button. For more information see ‘Query or Extended Search’ from the article index to the right.

    List All Clients Button

    List all clients for the current clinic.

    Using the ADD Button

    Clicking on the ADD button in the search window will allow you to add a new client and patient, or just a new patient.
    Selecting to add a new patient will add that patient to the currently active client record.

    Adding a Patient and/or Client

  • Click on ADD from the Search Window.
  • Select either ‘Add New Client and Patient’ or ‘Add New Patient’.
  • Click ADD NEW ITEM.
  • Enter the details of the new Client and Patient, or for the new Patient.
  • Click OK (or ADD PATIENT).
  • Query or Extended Search

    While the Finddialog does restrict the number of fields you can search under, the program itself allows you to search under any field.
    Do this by using the Query Search or Extended Search option.

    This feature allows you to search under any client or patient field at all, including custom fields, categories and other specialised fields on the Client or Patients Screens.

    To run a Query Search

  • From the Client or Patients Screen use the Find button or press Ctrl+F to open the Find dialog.
  • At the bottom left of the ‘find’ dialog, the button will take you to a blank Client or Patients Screen.
  • Fill in details on this Client or Patients Screen and press enter to query the database for records that match the details you entered.
  • Searching with Custom Fields

    When searching for Custom Field data, such as Rabies Tag Number, you will need to enter a species first. This is because different species will have different custom fields available.

    The Search Results Window

    When the search details match multiple records they will be listed in the ‘Search Results’ dialog.
    You can select from this list by double clicking on a record or use the
    keyboard arrow keys to highlight the record then press Enter.

    Listing Patients and Visits

    You can bring up a complete list of patients (and their visits) belonging to the active client.

    Using the List Button

    When in a Patients’ Work Area, Select the List button on the “toolbar”.

    This will bring up a list of clients, with the headings the same as those shown below.

    List Window Features

    The Patient List Window has many features to enhance your work-flow.

    Filter by Patient

    Filter the patient list by patient name. Enter the patient name into the Filter text box.

    Patient Name, Sex

    Quick reference for the selected Patient. navigate to the patient record by clicking the green arrow.

    The Patient List

    The Patient List Window displays all patients owned by the active client. Select a patient from the list to view their details.


    View a list of referral patients for the current client (if applicable).

    Patient Location History

    View the location history of a patient. Details must first be entered by using the LOCATION button from the “toolbar”.

    Client Details

    View a summary of the client details for listed patients.

    Patient Information

    View the summary of a patient’s details.

    HealthCare Details

    View a summary of a patient’s health care details. For example Vaccinations, Exams, Recalls etc.

    Visit Summary

    View a list of the selected patient’s visits. Navigate to the visit by mousing over the listing and then selecting the green arrow that appears next to it.
    Click on the listing, but over the Doctor Name or Visit date to stay in the Patient List Window and view a quick reference summary of the visit. (see below)

    Visit Details

    If selecting a listed visit from the Visit Summary section, the quick reference details in relation to that visit will show here. Navigate to the visit record by clicking on the Green arrow.

    Next Appointment Details

    View the details of the selected patient’s next appointment.

    If there is no appointment scheduled, the message will reflect this.

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