Patient Behaviour Indicators

Patient Behaviour Indicators

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Potentially aggressive patients can now be marked as such in RxWorks in order to have the program provide clear warnings to the user handling the patient.
Furthermore, a new behaviour notes screen have been added to the patient notes section in order to give more information on how the patient may become aggressive or to simply describe how the patient behaves in general.

Behaviour Notes and Indicator

All patients have a behaviour indicator dropdown selection which allows the user to pick from six different states:

  • Not Assessed
  • No Concerns
  • Friendly
  • Nervous
  • Care Required
  • Aggressive
  • Next to the dropdown selector is a notes button which when pressed will take the user directly to the behaviour notes section. If there are any notes present the button will be red.

    Both “Nervous” , “Care Required” & “Aggressive” indicators trigger visual changes in the application to allow the user to be aware that they are dealing with a potentially dangerous animal. These are covered in the next section.

    Potentially Dangerous Patient – Visual Indicators

    Summary Bar

    If a patient is considered aggressive, that is the behaviour indicator is set to either nervous or aggressive state, the first thing that will change will be the summary bar background colour on the actual patient page.

    Visit Page

    Navigating to the visit page will prompt behaviour notes to show up in this state. If there are no notes entered, the program will default to the behaviour indicator itself (ie for Aggressive state the behaviour notes will simply state Aggressive).
    The history background will also change colour from the usual white to a more red-like colour.

    Add Consultation Screen

    Adding a new consult to a patient in this state will also present a warning at the top of the add consult screen.
    This will present red text for patients marked as Nervous, Care Required or Aggressive with a warning, and black text for Not Assessed.

    Appointment Scheduler

    Appointments created for a potentially dangerous patient are distinguished from others by the presence of ## in front of the appointment text.
    Hovering over the appointment will also give a warning at the very top.
    Actions such as adding an appointment or transferring it for a potentially aggressive patients will automatically display the behaviour notes.

    Behaviour Indicator – Validation Rules

    By default, a patient’s behaviour will be set to Not Assessed.
    The behaviour indicator dropdown is a part of Field Rule Validation – meaning it can be configured to have an actual indicator set before the patient record is allowed to be saved.
    As with other validation rules, this can be configured by going into Task Panel > Tools & Utilities > Application > Set Field Rules.

    Behaviour Notes

    Supplementary to the behaviour indicator are the behaviour notes. If a patient is potentially dangerous, (marked as Nervous or Aggressive) these will be displayed upon:

  • Adding a new appointment
  • Transferring the appointment
  • Navigating to the visit page
  • Adding a new visit
  • They can be configured by pressing the notes button next to the behaviour indicator dropdown or by pressing the Notes button on the ribbon bar and changing the tab to Behaviour Notes.

    If a patient is potentially dangerous and no behaviour notes are entered, the notes displayed will simply reflect the behaviour indicator.
    The notes are not necessarily there to indicate an aggressive patient, they can also be added to describe animal behaviour in other circumstances (ie friendly animal enjoys belly scratched)

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