Parent Procedure Grouping Change

Parent Procedure Grouping Change

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This change has been implemented to help ensure pricing integrity when editing ‘parent’ and ‘child’ procedures from the visit screen we have made a change to how child procedures are grouped on the visit screen.

Previously both the ‘parent’ and ‘child’ procedures would show in the charge screen but once applied to the visit the ‘child’ charges would be grouped within the ‘parent’ procedure both on the visit screen and on the invoice. The charges will now not be grouped on the visit but will only be grouped on the invoice. This gives the user the ability to see all the charges that have been applied, but will allow the same level of grouping to be given to the client.

This has been done to address a number of issues around maintaining fixed prices on procedures when in a ‘parent/child’ scenario and the charges need to be amended after they have been applied to the visit.

The ‘Add Procedure Screen’ remains the same, where you can see both the parent and the child procedure:

The change comes on the consultation screen where before (behind) and after, with after showing the child procedure visible under the parents:

The invoice layout remains the same just showing the parent procedure and the price for this procedure:

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