Opening the Program

Opening the Program

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How To Open The Program

  1. From your PC, select the program from start > Programs > RxWorks OR
  2. If you have one, double click the RxWorks icon on your PC’s desktop OR
  3. There may also be a shortcut for RxWorks located in the Start menu.

This will start the program.

Open The RxWorks Demo For Training

There will also be the link to open the ‘RxWorks Demo.’

THIS IS NOT YOUR LIVE DATABASE. This is a version of RxWorks with a demonstration database that can be used for training staff members.Make sure you do not select the RxWorks Demonstration version when you want to run live or visa versa.

Notifications And Links

The login screen of RxWorks is a great opportunity to keep up to date with the wider RxWorks Community.

There are Notifications and links for:

  • The RxWorks website.
  • The RxWorks Events Calendar.
  • Business articles related to RxWorks.
  • RxWorks Release Notes.
  • Online Resources.
  • RxWorks Announcements.
  • Recent Activity in the RxWorks Online Community.
  • Log In To Rxworks

    In the login screen you must enter:

  • Your User ID and
  • Password before selecting to Login.
  • If your clinic is set up with multiple clinic logins, select the clinic you wish to log into and click OK.

    Important Information

    The Demo Configuration Options will not appear unless you are loading the RxWorks Demonstration Database. The demonstration database configuration options allow demonstration database users to see the effect of using various combinations of advanced RxWorks functions.

  • For normal use in RxWorks Demonstration Database, log in with User ID MB and leave the password blank. For normal use in your own client, log in with your correct User ID and password.
  • For full practice management access, log in with User ID SUP and leave the password blank. SUP are the initials for Supervisor.
  • Do not log in as SUP unless you are learning or investigating supervisory functions. If you log in as SUP for standard tasks, the user experience may differ and you will not get the feel for full functionality, particularly security and safety measures.
  • Logging in as SUP will also give you unlimited privileges. For example, you will be able to delete client, patient, visit and financial records. This would be dangerous in the live version so normally the SUP password for the live version is restricted to the practice manager.
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