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With the release of 4.9 RxWorks Australian customers will be able to integrate with Methsof Vet S8 Electronic Controlled Drug Register.
More information can be found here: “”.

An account with Methsof must be active; to set up an account, please contact Methsof directly.

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RxWorks has been modified to send Methsof Vet S8 controlled drug information when the clinic charges a controlled drug to a patient. The information is sent only once for each medication charged when the Save button is pressed on the consultation.

Any modifications or deletions to controlled drugs which occurs after the information has been sent to Vet S8 will need to be handled manually in both products.


A patient presents to the clinic and subsequently requires a controlled drug to be administered. When the controlled drug is charged on the visit the clinic will enter the information on the visit screen as below, in this case the controlled drug is Pethidine.

There may be other item charges for the visit but only those items with an Item Schedule which was associated with Schedule 8 will be sent to Vet S8.

In order to see what items these are launch Schedule Drugs Identification function from Options and Setup:
Task Panel > Options & Setup > Item > Online Scheduled Drug Register > Item Schedule Identification

Click the “Export Schedule 8 List to csv” which generates a Windows Explorer which can must be sent to Methsof but can be opened with notepad as shown below:

This file can be opened by double clicking it which will allow you to see which items classified as Schedule 8 drugs in your RxWorks system:

Note: The application which opens your file may be different, e.g. Excel if installed, but it will contain the same information.

This is the list of items which will be sent to Methsof when they are charged to patients in RxWorks on a visit.

In this example, the controlled drug is Pethidine and the information will be sent to Vet S8 when the Save button is hit the first time after the item was entered. After the controlled drugs have been sent to Vet S8 they are marked as Sent so that they aren’t sent again when the user presses the Save button again.

Any changes to scheduled drugs after the Consultation has been saved such as deletions or edits will not be sent to Methsof and they will need to be handled manually by reversing the entries in the Vet S8 register. However, an RxWorks user could delete a scheduled drug from an RxWorks consultation, reverse it in Methsof and add it again to the consultation and press the Save button and it will be sent to Vet S8 again.

For details on how to reverse entries in Vet S8 please contact Methsof support on 03 9867 2785 or email


Identifying Controlled Drugs in RxWorks

RxWorks has an item categorisation feature called an “Item Schedule” which can and should be used to identify controlled drugs, as shown below:

To identify which item schedule drugs should be sent to the online controlled drugs register, go to:
Task Panel > Options & Setup > Item > Online Scheduled Drug Register > Scheduled Drugs Identification.

Open this tool and associate the RxWorks Item Schedule(s) to be submitted to the online drug register shown in the “RxWorks Entry” column with “Schedule 8” drop-down value in the “Provider’s Value” column as shown below:

Clinics which don’t have an item schedule for controlled substances will need to define one in:
Task Panel > Options & Setup > H Item > Schedules
and apply this schedule to your controlled items e.g. Fentanyl etc.

Supply Methsof with a list of your Controlled Drugs

Methsof require a list of each customer’s controlled drugs so that they can map the RxWorks item name and code with the equivalent product in the Vet S8 register. This list can be generated automatically from the same configuration page by clicking the “Export Schedule 8 List to csv” button at the top of the page:

Once you have clicked this button a file will be automatically created with the clinic name and csv extension and shown in Windows Explorer as shown below:

This file must be emailed to Methsof along with the customer’s Vet S8 user name so that Vet S8 can perform the item/product mapping in the Methsof system.

Configure Scheduled Drugs Provider

Once the controlled drugs have been identified and sent to Methsof, the integration can be turned ON by configuring a Scheduled Drugs Provider and providing connection details and login information.

For this, go to:
Task Panel > Options & Setup > Item > Online Scheduled Drug Register > Online Register Providers.

Add a new provider by pressing the Add Provider button:

Configure the Name, Protocol, End point and Queue as shown below:

The Protocol Settings: End point and Queue are values controlled by Methsof and at the time of writing these values are:

Field Value
Endpoint Endpoint=sb://;SharedAccessKeyName=RXWORKS;SharedAccessKey=7nblz5eDj9CHLM5xuh3Sm4YUMP/NPttlspJHEoTdBlM=
Queue clouddd

You can copy and paste these values into the fields as shown on the above dialog.

Once these values have been configured click Configure Clinic Api Keys.

For each clinic, enter the user name and password which is supplied by Methsof; this is the same username and password for accessing the Vet S8 product.

Press the Save button to complete the clinic configuration and Save again to complete the main settings page.

RxWorks has now been configured to send Scheduled Drugs to Methsof Vet S8.

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