Managing Incoming Messages – (Incoming)

Managing Incoming Messages – (Incoming)

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Email Integration – Incoming Mail

RxWorks Email Integration allows users to ‘talk’ to “IMAP” capable mail services such as “Gmail”. This is a great way to keep track of communications sent to you from your clients by archiving email into the program.
Email Integration stores text and attachments directly into your client records. This saves you the time spent extracting text and file attachments from emails & manually transferring them into RxWorks.

RxWorks Email Integration

  • Is not a replacement for your existing email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, and ThunderBird.
  • Does not support “POP3”.
  • Is not a tool for managing regular emails like those received from suppliers, other practices etc.
  • Email setup and management can sometimes be very confusing. It is important to understand what this email integration feature does and does not do. This way you can reap the benefits of quick & easy integration as well as accessing your regular external email the way you always have.

    Viewing Incoming Messages in RxWorks

    You can review a list of all client email that has been received from your external email client, and resolved to an RxWorks client record.
    Use the RxWorks Email Manager to see the full list of emails, as well as the email content. You can also view a client email directly from the “Client Work Area”.

    Navigate to the incoming messages list

    To view the full list of emails and their content:

    1. Navigate to the RxWorks Task Panel.
    2. Select ‘Email Manager.’
    3. Select ‘Incoming Messages.

    About The Incoming Messages List

    The Incoming Messages list shows a list of recent emails received and attached to client records.

  • The list displays the client name, the subject line of the email, and when it was received.
  • You can choose to show only recent mail, or change the date range by clicking in the date range boxes to see more or less mail.
  • You can filter to show only mail from a specific client by clicking in the Client ID box & searching for the client you want to display mail for.
  • You can navigate directly to the client record by clicking the folder icon next to the client name.
  • Viewing Individual Email Message Content

    Double clicking the subject line of each email message will open the email for review. Here you will see the email message presented in much the same format that you would be familiar with in any email program.

  • The email ‘From’ and ‘To’ addresses are shown along with the subject line.
  • The body text of the message shown below the identifying information.
  • The file name of any attachments is displayed.
  • Viewing Email Message Attachments

    Email attachments are automatically extracted from the email and saved in the client record as a client attachment. Clicking on the blue text will open the attached file. You can also open the attachment from the client record by clicking on the attachments button in the “toolbar”.

    Viewing Messages On The Client Record

    You can view emails sent to you from your clients directly from their client record. All communication between you and your client is stored in the client “communication section”.

    Any email that cannot be imported into RxWorks will remain ‘unresolved’. For instructions on how to get these emails attached to a client record, see the online manual article “Unresolved Incoming Messages”.
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