Manage UK Postcodes

Manage UK Postcodes

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This utility works in conjunction with AFD Postcode software to enable you to perform lookups and updates for UK postcodes. The AFD software is required to be installed on your Server for these utilities to work.
For more information please visit the AFD website –

Lookup UK Postcode

This function allows an address to be searched from a UK postcode. Use this function to verify that your AFD postcode lookup software is installed and working correctly. You can access these tools from Task Panel > Tools & Utilities > Client Tools.

  1. Select ‘Manage UK Postcodes’.
  2. Click on the lookup UK postcode link.
  3. Enter the postcode in the top line and then click the Lookup button.
  4. The street, locality, and town information will be displayed in the main part of the search box.

Update Changed Postcodes

If an old postcode has been replaced by a newer code, a list of these changes is stored in the AFD software. If your RxWorks database contains any of the older codes, running this utility will replace the old postcodes with updated postcodes from AFD.
To run the utility, simply click on the Update Changed Postcodes link.

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