Locking a User Session

Locking a User Session

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Similar to the Windows Login on your computer, a new security feature has been added to the “toolbar” to lock a user’s session and prevent unwanted changes.

Locking A User Session

Access the user session lock through the RxWorks toolbar.
Click the ‘lock’ icon in the top right corner of the program.
When clicked, a pop-up window appears and prompts a user to re-enter their password to regain access to the program.
All current windows for that user will remain open while the program is locked. No data can be edited until the session has been unlocked.

Unlocking A User Session

Enter the correct user password and click ‘Unlock’ to regain access to the program.

Locked User Sessions And User Session Idle Times

The idle timeout for a user session will now lock a session instead of logging a user out of the program.
All current windows will remain open for the user while the program is locked. A session is unlocked by the user re-entering their user profile password.

Setting User Session Idle Times

Set session idle times in Options and Setup > Clinic > Global Settings.
“Follow this link” to learn more about setting user session idle times.

Switching User Sessions

There is an option to switch user profile from the ‘Lock Session’ pop-up window.
This will return the user to the RxWorks Login Page. If you choose to switch a user profile, all windows for the previous user will be lost.

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