Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

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In most Windows program screens, many screen labels have one character underlined. This is the Access Key (or keyboard shortcut) and you use it in conjunction with the ‘Alt’ key.
RxWorks has many of these built-in keyboard shortcuts that allow you to use the program without using your mouse. If you frequently use certain functions or open windows, a large amount of time can be saved over time by using these shortcuts.

For example, the RxWorks Clients screen displays the Notes button label as Notes. Pressing Alt+N opens Notes in the same way as clicking the Notes button.
In many areas of the program, using an Access Key (Or keyboard shortcut) is a very efficient method of control. Most dialog boxes show the OK button with the label OK making Alt+K a universal way of completing them.
For a full list of RxWorks Keyboard Shortcuts, please download the pdf below. You will find each shortcut is separated by areas of the program.

View the keyboards shortcuts available in RxWorks here.

In some installations of Windows, the Access Key underline characters do not appear until you press the ‘Alt’ key.
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