J – Production by Consulting Veterinarian

J – Production by Consulting Veterinarian

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Requires Performance Pack.

The Production By Vet Report

In a practice with several people who bill clients, one important task is to measure the contribution each makes to the total revenue. Veterinarians are normally the main generators of revenue. Nurses and other support staff could also provide services or products, depending on the structure of the practice. If any of the staff are paid a percentage of their production, it normally varies according to the type of service and/or products that they have billed.

In order to manage effectively, you need the following for each of “producers”:

  • How much gross revenue each billed?
  • What types of services or products did they provide to clients? These are called service headings.
  • The actual services that made up the amounts? This is particularly useful when examining production totals that look unusual.
  • And the client visits that resulted in the billing? Allows you to go back to the source of the data.
  • Select Which Services Are Part Of Paid Production

    Some practices pay their veterinarians a percentage of the production as part of their compensation. So, we’ve also included the ability to select which services are considered as part of paid production.
    Use the “H: Item Services Options and Setup” area of RxWorks.

    For each type of Service you can elect whether fee items, procedures or both types of charges are to be included in the report.
    In this example we have chosen that both are to be included for Dentistry.

    “Performance Pack” collects all of the information needed to answer those questions. But as you can imagine a single report that shows that much detail could become overwhelming. So, we have designed a report that does not show all of the information all at once.
    This report starts with a summary and then lets you “drill down” to get more and more details of those items that interest you.

    Accessing The Report

    1. Navigate to the RxWorks Reports Work Area.
    2. Select ‘J: Advanced Analysis.’
    3. Select ‘Production by Consulting Vet by Service Heading.’

    How to Generate the Production by Veterinarian Report

    1. Choose a period of time from the drop-down list.
    2. Or select ‘Other’ and enter the start and end dates for the period you want to analyse.

    3. Choose the grouping for the report from the drop-down list.
    4. Choose which veterinarians and/or nurses you want in the report.
    5. If you are logged into RxWorks as a Systems Administrator profile, you will be able to view the report for all vets in the system. If you do not have a Systems Administrator profile, the ‘Restrict to Report’ filed will be greyed out and only available for user you are currently logged in as.
    6. Select ‘Preview.’ This will open the report window.

    What Does the Production by Veterinarian Report Show Me?

    There’s a separate sheet for each of the veterinarians and nurses selected. The report opens with the total gross revenue produced by the first person on the list. It will show totals for each date group you chose.
    In this case we chose monthly grouping and selected just the month of January. If we had chosen the period to be January 1st to February 28th, there would be two columns, one for January revenue and one for February. If we had chosen weekly grouping, the report would have one column for every week in January.

    Drill Down By Expanding And Collapsing Information

    Use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols to the left of the veterinarian to expand and collapse further details. By clicking on it we see the revenue generated in each clinic in our practice. If there were multiple clinics, each would be shown as a separate line. Note the + sign has changed to a – sign.

    By clicking on the + sign alongside the clinic, we can see the next level of detail, which is the type of service.

    The revenue for Dentistry looks very strange. By clicking on the + sign alongside it we get the next level of detail.

    From this we can see that the cause of the negative revenue for Dentistry is caused by the Variance. This is the result of discounting the fee that was recommended in Performance Pack when setting the fee schedule. The amount of discount should obviously be reconsidered. And we can see which consults created the problem by clicking on the + alongside DOC-Dental.

    This illustrates how you can get to more and more detail for just the items that you want. And you can stop at whatever level of information you want. There is no need to have a report that shows every detail of information for every item. You can concentrate on those that interest you without being overwhelmed by a report that could run into lots of pages.

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