J: Clinic Options

J: Clinic Options

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Basic settings for your practice are found in the ‘Clinic Options & Setup’ area of RxWorks. Here you can change settings for a specific branch practice or apply global settings for all branches.

Accessing Clinic Options & Setup

Go to Options & Setup > J – Clinic

Here are some examples of what you will find in this section:

Clinic Details – Address, Contact & Phone Detail
  • Set the display and printed name of your main and branch practices.
  • Enter contact information including phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Record extra information for inclusion on printed documents.
  • Clinic Details – Clinic Configuration (Admin Roles)
  • Define Branch Inventory & Pricing roles.
  • Set Branch Clipboard display options.
  • Clinic Details – Clinic Configuration (SMS, IFAX & Subnet)
  • Configure SMS & IFAX provider addresses.
  • Set IP Subnet information and branch background colour.
  • Global Settings
  • Set the Workstation Inactivity Period Timeout.
  • Configure Clinic Groups
  • Create practice groups for reporting.
  • Grant All Users Access to Current Clinic
  • Allow all users access to the current practice.
  • Practice Details – Address, Contact & Phone Details

    The ‘General Options – Clinic Details’ window is where you set basic practice information such as practice name, address, phone number, email address and so on. This information is used throughout several areas of the program and may also be printed on some reports.

    Editing Clinic Address, Contact & Phone Details

    Go to Options & Setup > J – Clinic > Clinic Details

    Select the practice (clinic) you want to modify details for by clicking the listed name.

    Edit the selected practice details as needed. Click ‘Save’ when done.

    The Fields Explained

    A description of each field is listed below. Note that some fields have extra functions in addition to being used on printed material. Also note that all settings relate to the selected branch.

    Clinic Name (*Required Field)

    The clinic (practice) name is displayed in the main work areas of RxWorks, and when logging into multi-branch practices.

    Short Name

    A shortened version of your clinic (practice) name. The shortened name will be displayed in several areas of RxWorks where the full name is not required or is too long to display.

    Contact Name

    You can enter a key contact person’s name (usually the practice principal) for use on mail merge documents.


    Enter the full practice address as you would like it to appear on printed material.

    Phone Number

    Add the main contact phone number for your practice as you would like it to appear on printed material.

    Mobile Number

    Record a mobile/cell phone number for your practice. This can be used for an after-hours / emergency contact.

    Fax Number

    Add the fax number for your practice as you would like it to appear on printed material.

    Email (*Special Field)

    Record the main email address for your practice here. This email address is used for automated outbound email from RxWorks, and can be selected on individual email messages.
    This email address is also used as the default sender address for SMS messages, unless an alternative is specified in your SMTP settings (SMS Email field).

    Website Address

    Add your practice website address as you would like it to appear on printed material.


    This field can be used to record extra information about your practice, such as opening hours. This information can be printed on invoices and mail merge documents.

    Boarding Information

    Special boarding information can be entered here for use in mail merge documents.

    Bank Account Details

    Enter additional bank account information here for use in mail merge documents.

    Printing Clinic Details

    Letterheads and footers on external documents usually take care of the basic address and contact information for your practice. However, you can choose some groups of documents to print your details in plain text instead of using a letterhead.

    Practice Details as Word Merge Fields

    Use merge fields to print your practice information in labels and Word documents. Multi-Branch practices will find this handy for merging the corresponding practice details when printing from each branch.

    Practice Details on Crystal Reports

    Selecting the pagestyle option ‘Print Clinic Details on Crystal Reports’ will print your practice information on crystal reports in this pagestyle.

    Practice Details – Clinic Configuration (Administrative Roles)

    The ‘General Options – Clinic Configuration’ window is where you can set up administrative roles for each branch practice.
    Administrative roles in multi-branch practices relate to the following key areas:

  • Management of Inventory levels.
  • Clipboard and appointment display.
  • Pricing of products and services.
  • Practices can choose which roles are centrally managed, and which will be managed by individual branches.

    Editing Practice Configuration

    Go to Options & Setup > J – Clinic > Clinic Details

    Select the clinic (practice) you want to modify by clicking the listed name.

    Select the ‘Clinic Configuration’ tab & edit as needed. Click ‘Save’ when done. Note that all settings relate to the selected branch practice.

    Drop-down options are only available when the practice has multiple branches. The options for single-site practices are greyed out as they do not need to be changed.
    Setting Your Primary Stock Location

    Multi-Branch practices can set each branch to manage its own inventory levels. Alternatively, one site may choose a designated branch location to hold all inventory.
    Some examples are:

    Example 1:
    Riverhouse Veterinary Clinic is a predominantly small animal practice with some equine facilities. Riverhouse chooses to operate the equine activities as a separate branch (Riverhouse EQ) for accounting purposes. The two ‘branches’ share the same premises and inventory storage area.

  • Riverhouse is set as the primary stock location for both branches.
  • Example 2:
    Evergreen Veterinary Hospital is located some distance from its branch practice, Riverhouse. Each practice is responsible for the management of its own inventory levels.

  • Each branch is set to use itself as its primary stock location.
  • In a single-site practice the Primary Stock Location cannot be changed.
    Setting Your Clipboard Entries Clinic

    Multi-Branch practices may set each branch to display clipboards and appointments on a separate tabbed display. This allows the clipboard work area to be configured more specifically to each branch.
    Setting each branch to use itself as the Clipboard Entries Clinic will activate the tabbed display.

    Branches may choose to combine the clipboard and appointment display into a single view. Setting all branches to use the same Clipboard Entry Clinic value will combine the display.

    In a single-site practice the Clipboard Entries Clinic cannot be changed.
    Setting Your Item Pricing Clinic

    Multi-Branch practices can use a single pricing structure for all branches. Pricing changes from any branch will automatically apply to all other branches. Each branch is typically set to use the main clinic (Clinic 1) as the pricing clinic.
    Practices can also choose to use independent pricing for each branch. Setting each branch to use itself as the item pricing clinic; a price change can occur at one location without affecting prices at other branches.

    In a single-site practice the Item Pricing Clinic cannot be changed.

    General Options – Clinic Configuration – (SMS, IFAX & SUBNET)

    Settings for additional features can be found on the ‘General Options – Clinic Configuration’ page..
    Read on to see an explanation of each of the settings.

    SMS Provider Name

    Enter the domain name of your SMS Provider here. Each branch may potentially use different SMS providers so it is important to check that this setting is correct for each branch.

    The SMS provider domain is attached to the outgoing mobile number when sending a text message e.g.
    +This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.+

    Register for SMS Button

    RxWorks is partnered with MessageNet, our preferred text messaging provider. To open a MessageNet account, click ‘Register for SMS’. This opens the RxWorks-MessageNet registration page in your web browser so you can fill out your practice and billing information.
    Follow the link below for more information about MessageNet:
    "Learn more about MessageNet".

    There are certain prerequisites your selected SMS Provider must fulfil. See our "SMS Setup" online manual article for more information.

    IFAX Provider Name

    Enter the domain name of your Internet Fax Provider here. Each branch may potentially use different IFAX providers so it is important to check that this setting is correct for each branch.

    The IFAX provider domain is attached to the outgoing fax number that you are sending a fax to e.g.

    +This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.+

    Clinic IP Subnet

    For multi-branch practices, RxWorks can detect the location at which you are logging in. That clinic (practice) location will then be highlighted for selection after login. Linking the IP SUBNET to a branch helps prevent users from logging into the wrong branch clinic by mistake.

  • RxWorks can read the IP SUBNET of your workstation to detect which branch clinic you are physically logging in from.
  • The correct log in clinic will automatically be selected on the ‘Select Clinic’ screen.
  • This feature works on the proviso that:

  • The first 3 number sets of an IP Address (e.g. 19#.16#.#.xxx) are the same for all workstations in the same branch location.
  • Each Branch location in a VPN has a different Subnet value to the main site.
  • Setting a Branch Subnet

    You can enter the SUBNET values for the selected branch in the field ‘Clinic IP Subnet’.

    Auto Fill Subnet Button

    Use the ‘Auto Fill Subnet’ button to have RxWorks detect the IP Address automatically.

  • This action should be performed from an actual terminal at the branch location.
  • Check that you have selected the correct branch details for editing.
  • The branch auto-login feature is user configurable. See our "online manual article" for information on setting this up for selected users:

    Set Background Colour

    Some administrative tasks require you to log into a branch location other than the one you are at. Each branch can use a different background colour in the RxWorks interface. Different background colours provide a simple visual reference so you know which branch you are currently logged into.

    Set Background Colour by Name

    Enter the colour name you want to use in the ‘Name’ field, then tab to the next field. The chosen colour name should convert to the correct HTML colour code and show the colour sample preview.

    Once you have saved the changes, log out and back into RxWorks to see the change in background colour.

    The 16 basic html colour names are: aqua, black, blue, fuchsia, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, purple, red, silver, teal, white, and yellow.
    Set Background Colour Using the Colour Picker

    Click the small colour square to open a colour picker window. The colour picker can be used to manually select your preferred background colour from a colour range.

    Click OK to make your selection and SAVE the change in the clinic details. Log out and back into RxWorks to see the change in background colour.

    Global Settings

    Global settings are used to configure functions that are applied universally to the RxWorks program.

    We’re currently in the process of updating this section of RxWorks. In coming releases you’ll see additional functions moving to this area. It’s all part of our continuing effort to make RxWorks more user-friendly. Don’t forget to watch for exciting future developments!

    Workstation Inactivity Period Timeout

    Lock your work in progress by setting an inactivity period (in minutes).

    If there is no keyboard or mouse activity in that time, the workstation will lock and you will be prompted for your password to log back in.

    Learn more about locking user sessions on the "Getting Started – Locking A User Session" page.

    Configure Clinic Groups

    Practices with multiple branches can define a group of practices which are logically related. Clinic (practice) groups can be used to filter reports for a subset of branch practices. Group filtering on reports is in addition to filtering on a specific branch, or no filtering (All Branches).
    Example: A practice group has a large number of branches that are geographically spread across a number of regions. For reporting purposes it may be useful to create a ‘group’ that includes each practice location within a specified geographical area.

    Setting up Clinic Groups

    Go to Options & Setup > J Clinic > Configure Clinic Groups.

    1. In the ‘Configure Clinic Groups’ window, choose to ‘Create New Group.’
    2. Give the clinic (practice) group a name. This name will be displayed when filtering your reports.
    3. Add any notes about the clinic group. Such as the area they have in common.
    4. Choose a practice to add from the drop-down list and click ‘Add Clinic.’
    5. Repeat step 4 for any additional clinics you wish to add to this group.
    6. Click ‘Save.’

    You can now select the newly created clinic (practice) group as an option in a number of reports.

    You can define as many groups as required. A practice can also be added to several groups.

    Editing Clinic Groups

    You can add and remove clinics (practices) from a group at any time, as well as delete an entire group. This will only affect the selection of groups for reporting but does not change your original branch practice setup.

    Edit Clinic Groups
    1. Click the ‘Edit’ button to open the group details.
    2. Add a clinic or delete an existing one, as well as change other group details as required. Save you changes when done.

    Deleting a Clinic Group

    Click the red X next to the group name to delete the group.

    Grant all Users Access to Current Clinic

    Multi-branch practices may choose specific branch locations that users have access to. This means those users are automatically excluded from accessing remaining branches.
    You can grant all users access to the currently logged in branch using this over-ride feature. This is a great time-saver since you do not have to modify the clinic access restrictions for each user in your database.

    The feature is simple to use:

  • Log into the branch that you want to allow everyone access to.
  • Go to Options & Setup > J Clinic > Grant All Users Access to Current Clinic
  • Click OK in the confirmation window.
  • Grant All Users Access is handy if access rights need to be updated for a branch, or if a new branch is added to RxWorks.
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