Item and Procedure – Use Only In Clinic Level Override

Item and Procedure – Use Only In Clinic Level Override

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Both items and procedures have a setting that allows them to be only accessible from the respective procedure or bundle configuration screens. This setting has always been global, meaning individual branches had no control whether the item was to be restricted to only be visible in procedures, or procedures to only be visible in bundles – or the other way around, that is allowed outside of procedure/bundle.

With RxWorks 5.0 this has been addressed by allowing the setting to be branch controlled.

Item Details Screen Change

The item details screen now contains a button that allows you to override the global setting for whether the item will be chargeable or not outside of a procedure. If the button is red it means there is a branch clinic specific override in place.

Clicking the […] button takes you to the following screen where you can select the desired behavior for the current branch. If say, the selection is set to only show the item in procedures and not allow the item to be charged as part of a normal sale, the branch can override this to have the item chargeable from anywhere just for them by ticking the “Use Clinic Level Override” selection and picking No as per the below example.

Procedure Screen Change

The procedure screen now has the same […] button which lights up red if there is an override present for the currently logged in branch clinic for “Use only in Bundles” option.

Once clicked the procedure can be set to only show in bundles or vice versa for the currently logged in branch, exactly the same as the item.

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