Introduction To Lab Manager

Introduction To Lab Manager

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RxWorks Lab Manager greatly improves laboratory workflow efficiency, as well as integrating your results. It allows the exchange of information between RxWorks and a wide range of both internal lab devices and external lab service providers.
Completed laboratory results are available directly from the patient’s medical record so you can review and discuss results with your clients.

Key Features

  • Order lab tests directly from a visit.
  • View lab results in tabular or chart form to aid diagnosis
  • View patient results right down to the analyte level for quick trend analysis straight from the patient record.
  • Abnormal results are flagged for easy identification.
  • Print or email results in a few simple steps.
  • Workflow Benefits

    As well as handling completed results, Lab Manager can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your Laboratory workflow. For supported reference labs and devices, the lab order requisition can be sent direct to the supplier or device. The result is a quicker, fully automated workflow.

    Better Work Efficiency

    Billing your lab work from a visit record can send a request to a supported lab device/reference lab, removing an additional data entry step.

    Reduces Data Entry Error

    Patient details (including patient/visit ID) are sent electronically. This removes an element of human error when transferring details manually. Where only one-way device communication is possible, a lab order, task list or task label can be printed with the correct patient details, reducing the chances of incorrect information transfer.

    Faster Result Integration into Medical Records

    Patient/Visit IDs attached to the lab order are returned from the device/reference lab, allowing the results to forward directly to the patient or visit record.

    Reduce Missed Charges

    Billing laboratory services as the starting point of your laboratory workflow ensures that charges are not forgotten.

    Accessing Lab Manager

    The Lab Manager interface can be accessed from a number of locations in RxWorks. This makes it easy to review results and pending orders no matter where you are in the program.

    Patient & Visit Record Ribbon Bar

    Task Panel & Ribbon Bar

    RxWorks Orb

    Module Management Work Area

    Supported In-House Equipment & Reference Labs

    The following is a list of equipment and laboratories supported by RxWorks. The list also shows the directional communication capabilities of each device group.
    If your lab device or provider is not included in this list, contact your RxWorks Practice Advisor for further information.

    Communication Capabilities

    Integrated laboratory devices and Reference Labs are capable of either One-way or Two-Way Communication. The communication capability of a device/supplier will determine how the Lab Workflow is implemented. An explanation of communication capabilities is shown below.

    Two-Way Communication (Fully Automated)
  • RxWorks automatically sends an electronic requisition to the Lab Device/Supplier from a visit
  • Lab Results processed
  • Results Returned to the Patient Medical Record
  • One-Way Communication
  • Requisition must be manually created on the Laboratory Device or sent to the supplier
  • Lab Results Processed
  • Results returned to the Patient Medical Record
  • Supported Reference Laboratories

    Antech Laboratories
  • Antech East
  • Antech West
  • Antech Canada
  • Communication: Two-Way
  • IDEXX Australia
  • IDEXX New Zealand
  • IDEXX United Kingdom
  • Communication: One-Way
  • Supported In-House Lab Devices

    Oxford Science
  • FORCYTE™ Hematology Analyzer
  • Communication: One-Way
  • Abaxis®
  • VetScan HM2™
  • VetScan® HM5
  • VetScan® Classic
  • VetScan VS2®
  • Communication: One-Way
  • Hemavet®
  • Hemavet® 950LV
  • Hemavet® 950 & Hemavet® 950 FS
  • Hemavet® 1700
  • Communication: One-Way
  • Catalyst Dx® Chemistry Analyzer
  • Coag Dx™ Analyzer
  • IDEXX VetAutoread™ Hematology Analyzer
  • IDEXX VetLab® UA™ Analyzer
  • LaserCyte® Hematology Analyzer
  • SNAPshot Dx® Analyzer
  • SNAP® Reader
  • VetLyte® Electrolyte Analyzer
  • VetStat® Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer
  • VetTest® Chemistry Analyzer
  • ProCyte Dx™ Hematology Analyzer
  • Communication: Two-Way– Interlink™ technology must be used in conjunction with the IDEXX VetLab® Station.
  • One-Way – If non-Interlink™ serial connections are used.
  • Nova Biomedical
  • Stat Profile® Critical Care Xpress.
  • Communication: One-Way
  • Supported Laboratories – Document Integration

    Lab results sent from external laboratory suppliers can be imported to the patient medical record even when no direct import into the Lab Manager is possible.
    PDF, HTML and Text formatted results are able to be imported using the RxWorks “Document Integration” feature.

    Dechra Labs / Nationwide Laboratories (NWL UK)
  • PDF formatted results are downloaded via FTP
  • ASAP Laboratory (AUS)
  • PDF formatted results are downloaded using the ASAP ECR utility
  • Gribbles Veterinary (AUS/NZ)
  • Text (TXT) formatted results are downloaded using the E-Clinic utility
  • Gribbles Veterinary (AUS/NZ)
  • Text (TXT) formatted results are downloaded using the Symbion utility
  • Lab Equipment compatible with RxWorks 3.9.15
  • IDEXX – Serial Connection Only. All machines except DX models.
  • Abaxis – Vetscan
  • Abaxis – HMT
  • Hemavet
  • Communication: One-Way for V3.9.15 Applications
  • RxWorks Lab Workflows

    Each lab device can be categorised into specific workflows depending on it’s one-way or two-way communication ability. The two main workflows are as follows:

    Automated Workflow With Two-Way Integrated Lab Machine

    Two-way communication is triggered by charging a lab test from a visit. This automatically drives the rest of the lab workflow sending patient details, requisition ID and tests required to the lab machine.
    Lab tests can be processed without having to enter details into the machine. On completion of the test, results are automatically forwarded to RxWorks and attached to the visit that generated the order.

    Key Benefits
  • Helps prevent missed charges.
  • Eliminates extra steps and saves time.
  • Automatically sends requests to a lab machine.
  • No data entry at the machine removes possibility of human error.
  • Results are sent automatically back into RxWorks.
  • For further information on supported machines please see “Supported Equipment and Providers”.

    Semi-automated workflow with a 1-way integrated lab Machine

    One-way communication is triggered by charging a lab test from a visit. This populates a task list containing patient details, requisition ID and tests required.
    The task list can be used for reference when manually adding the test details to the lab device, minimising the chance of entry error. On completion of the test, results can be forwarded to RxWorks and attached to the visit that generated the order.

    Key Benefits
  • Helps prevent missed charges.
  • Print a consolidated list of lab work requested by any staff member.
  • Task lists help minimise data entry error.
  • Results are sent automatically back into RxWorks.
  • For further information on supported machines please see “Supported Equipment and Providers”.

    Manual Entry – No Test Order Created

    It is possible to import lab test results from integrated devices even if an order is not created from a visit in RxWorks. This simply means that all data entry for the test must be completed on the lab machine.
    The requisition ID (patient or visit number) must be added correctly at the lab machine to ensure that the test result can be correctly attached to a record once the result is returned.

    Lab Manager Glossary

    A list of common terms of reference is shown below. You may find these useful when perusing the Lab Manager Online Manual articles.

    Lab Device:

    An in-house analyser connected to the clinic network. Capable of electronically transmitting lab results.
    Lab Devices may also be capable of receiving lab orders electronically from RxWorks. Currently, this integration is available with IDEXX Interlink™ Technology Only.

    Reference Lab / External Laboratory:

    External company (third party) that performs lab tests for your clinic.

    Lab Service Provider:

    A company that undertakes lab work for a clinic. This includes companies that supply in-house devices as well as external reference laboratories.

    Test / Test Code:

    A particular test slide panel or profile that a Lab Service Provider can perform. For example, a General Health Profile (GHP) or a Glucose Slide (GLU).


    An analytic procedure designed to investigate measurable properties of a chemical
    or biological substance – a ‘lab test’.

    Lab Order:

    A request for lab testing. This is either a direct electronic order to the device or a printed task list.

    Lab Result:

    The results of a requested lab test.


    Chemical component of interest in an analytical procedure.

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