Insurance Manager

Insurance Manager

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Insurance Manager

Client Service is Key to Retention

Two trends in today’s veterinary business environment are creating challenges to building and maintaining clients’ loyalty.

  • Clients are expecting more from their service providers – and their veterinarian is no exception.
  • More and more clients are using pet insurance.

Clients expect their veterinarian to help them make any necessary claims and will object to any charge for the service. The burden for making claims is placed squarely on your practice and one of your challenges is to provide the service without incurring a significant drain on resources – time and money.

How do you do that?

Fortunately you’ve already collected most of the information needed for an insurance claim in your RxWorks system. It’s just a matter of re-using it – quickly and reliably. RxWorks Insurance Manager, included in the Practice Plus suite of programs, provides effective and simple tools to do the job

Creating the Claim

Insurance Manager allows you to create insurance claims for a patient, linked to a policy. The claim covers a date range and all charges applied to the patient in that time, are available to add to the claim – provided that they are not already associated with an existing claim, avoiding the possibility of double claiming.
To simplify the process, each claim consists of a single condition for the patient. If there’s more than one condition, a separate claim must be created for each. However further claims can be made for the same condition on different dates.

Various parts of the patient’s medical record can be included in the claim if they are required by the insurance company as evidence of the work being claimed. They can be selected from history text, images, attachments and lab results. Also if there’s relevant history from prior visits that’s needed to support the claim, it can also be included. As you will see from the following screen, selection is a simple task of point and click.

Submitting the Claim

You can print claims for submission to the insurer or send them electronically. At the moment VetEnvoy is the only electronic service available and is currently under test.

Monitoring Claim Status

Payments can be recorded against claims and there are various reports available indicating their status, as well as display of an individual patient’s claims. If the claim was electronically submitted, its status in the insurance company’s process can also be queried as long as the company’s system allows that facility. These serve as very useful tools in quickly answering client questions on claims.

“View the Insurance Manager update notes from version 4.6 here”

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