G: Report / Reminder Options

G: Report / Reminder Options

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Use this area to setup options associated with documents, reports and reminders.

Click on the sub-headings on the left to view the following sections:

“Page Styles”

Group Reminders

You may choose to allow the program to group multiple reminders onto one letter per patient or per client. By doing this you can save paper and reduce costs.

Group Reminders on Client

By grouping on client you will lose the ability to be more specific about the general content in the letter. The grouped letter may contain reminders for cats, dogs and horses.

Patient Name
Reminder 1
Reminder 2

Patient Name
Reminder 1

Patient Name
Reminder 3

Group Reminders on Patient

Grouping on patient tends to be the preferred method of grouping, as merge fields can be tailored to the individual patient.

Patient Name
Reminder 1
Reminder 2
Reminder 3

Edit Reminders when Charging

You can choose either to edit reminders when you charge a fee with a reminder attached (or a Procedure which includes a fee with a reminder attached), or apply those reminders automatically.
Check the box to edit the reminders each time you apply that fee.

Advantages to leaving the box unchecked

  • Reduces number of pop ups encountered by a user when invoicing a patient.
  • Ensures the reminder is automatically applied to the patient record
  • Reduces the chance for user error e.g. Pressing the escape button which will cancel the reminder
  • Advantages to checking the box

  • Allows a user can customise a reminder when adding a visit
  • RxWorks recommends that you leave this box unchecked. In almost all cases, you will want to automatically apply standard reminders and there is no need to edit reminders on each visit.
    If you find that you do need to edit the Reminders, you may also find you need to edit other details of the Procedure on a regular basis. Instead of forcing users to do this each and every time, you may prefer to create a new Procedure for the different circumstances.

    The edit reminders when charging function has been discontinued as of version 4. Removal of this feature is due to the high possibility of accidentally cancelling all proposed reminders for a patient by clicking cancel or by using the escape key.

    From RxWorks V4 onwards, reminders may be modified on the ‘Finish Visit’ window at the completion of a visit.

    Save Email as an Attachment

    E-mail Reminders may be sent as a Word document attached to the email or as a plain text e-mail message.
    Check this box to send the Reminder as an attachment. Leave the box empty to send the Reminder as a plain text e-mail message.

    Set Email Subject Line

    You can compose your own subject line to be used with e-mail Reminders here. An e-mail subject line should clearly identify the Reminder and its source, to prevent the recipient deleting it accidentally as spam.
    For Example: “An Urgent Vaccination Reminder from Evergreen Veterinary Clinic”

    Set Document Merge Options

    Signatory Line:

    Set a Signature for your reminder emails.

    Document CC User:

    This field can be used to place the name of a second person who receives an email. For example, Clinic Manager. Clients are more inclined to take an email seriously when they see an important figure has viewed a copy. RxWorks does not physically send a copy of an email to the CC User name, it is only displayed on the emails a client receives. Copies of emails will need to be made in-house.

    Document CC User Initials:

    The initials of the name given under Document CC User.

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