Financials Screen – Invoices

Financials Screen – Invoices

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Selecting a Transaction to Print

  1. From a clients Financial Screen, select a transaction to print.
  2. Use the Print button on the toolbar and select Invoice from the print menu

Printing and Previewing

Click PRINT from the Invoice Dialog Box.
To preview an invoice prior to printing, select PREVIEW. You can then print the invoice from the preview window.

Default Options

Selected Invoice

Usually, the choices in the Invoice dialog default to Selected Invoice , which is the invoice selected from the Financial Screen.

All Invoices for Today

If a client has had more than one invoice for a day, the default changes to All Invoices Today.

You might use the other choices where there are a series of invoices such as for an extended inpatient visit.

Include Paid Stamp

To include a PAID stamp on the printed invoice, select the check box for this option.

Options for the Currently Active Client Record

Choose to print:

  • All Invoices for Today
  • All Invoices for the Month
  • All Invoices between a selected financial period and/or All Invoices between set dates.
  • Options for the Currently Selected Patient

    RxWorks allows you to print invoices for a selected patient.

    Select the patient to print an invoice for from the drop down list. This list reflects all patients for the current client record.

    For the selected Patient, choose to print:

  • All invoices for today
  • All invoices for the month
  • All Invoices between a selected financial period and/or All Invoices between set dates.
  • Options for all Clients

    Choose to print invoices for ALL your clients between a set financial period and/or between set dates.

    Number of Invoices to Print

    RxWorks allows you to set the number of copies you wish to print.

    Incomplete Invoice Warnings

    It is often useful to know if a client or patient has one or more incomplete visits when working with their record. RxWorks will provide this information via prompts at various useful times.

    Incomplete Invoice Warnings in Payments

    When taking a payment for a client, RxWorks provides a summary of any current outstanding invoices, for any of the clients patients. The summary groups by patient and shows history notes and total amount of the visit.

    If you are happy to leave the visit/s listed as incomplete, click CONTINUE to be taken to the normal payment screen and proceed with the payment.
    To navigate to an incomplete visit, click the blue date.

    Incomplete Invoice Warnings Listed in Accounts Tab

    The Accounts tab of the Financial screen lists a total of any outstanding incomplete invoices. If a client has incomplete invoices, you will see a new line at the bottom of the screen showing the total.

    Incomplete Visit marker on the Patient Screen

    The visit summary on the Patient Screen shows incomplete visits as well as completed ones. Incomplete Visits are shown with the red incomplete symbol and ‘Incomplete’ as the summary. Double clicking this will navigate you to the patinets Visit Screen.

    Show or Hide Appointment Details on Invoice

    RxWorks gives you the option to show or hide a patient’s next appointment details at the bottom of your invoices. The option is offered as a ‘per clinic’ setting, rather than a global one, and gives more flexibility in multi-clinic setups.
    Access the ‘print next appointment’ option through: Options & Setup > Finance > Invoice, Receipt and Account Styles.

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