F: Counter Sales Options

F: Counter Sales Options

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Use this section to setup options associated with Counter Sales. Most of the default settings are enough to take a practice live without making any changes.

Client Number for Counter Sales

This field allows you to direct Cash Counter Sales to a particular dummy client record

Setting up RxWorks for Counter Sales

  1. Firstly, you will need to create a dummy client to send your cash sales to. You can use the example below as a guide.
  2. Enter the Client Number for your cash sales dummy client into the ‘Client Number for Counter Sales’ field.
  3. Click SAVE.

RxWorks will now recognise to place all records for your counter sales to this dummy client.

Default Message to Appear on all Counter Sales

This text you enter here will appear on the invoice for all Counter Sales.

The text may be edited at the time of sale, as shown below.

Service to Open When Adding a Counter Sale

This field allows you to set a default Service for Counter Sales.
What you choose here will be reflected when attaching an item to your counter sale.

For example, If you set your ‘Service to Open’ as Flea, Tick and Worm Prevention..

This will be the first option a user sees in the ‘add item’ list.

Many practices find it more flexible to set this to "None".

Always Attach a Patient to a Counter Sale

Checking this box will set the program to require every normal counter sale to be attached to a patient.

To Change this setting:

  1. Check or uncheck the option to attach a patient to counter sales.
  2. Click SAVE.


Exceptions are cash counter sales and sales to clients that do not have a patient.

Attaching counter sales to a patient allows RxWorks to automatically update the patients medical record if you are selling items such as flea treatment.
Using this option also provides a Legal Medical Record.

Allow Selection of Transaction Type

By default all Counter Sales are given the transaction type Counter Sale.
Use this option if you would like the ability to select other transaction types instead.

For example, you may wish to use the Counter Sale module to actually bill up invoices for Farm Visits.

To Change this setting:

  1. Check or uncheck the option to select transaction types in counter sales.
  2. Click SAVE.

When this option is selected

You will see a drop-down list in your counter sales window to select the transaction type from.

When this option is not selected

The drop-down list for transaction type will not appear in the counter sales window.

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