Electronic Microchip Registration

Electronic Microchip Registration

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RxWorks 5.0 introduces microchip integration which enables patients to be registered using VetXML format with AVID and Petlog service providers via the internet. The integration is enabled at the clinic level and allows patients to be electronically registered.

At this stage this integration is only available for UK clinics.

Business rules and Workflow

  • Branch Clinics must be integrated with a supported service provider eg. AVID and Petlog
  • Branch Clinics which aren’t integrated will be able to view the status of a patient registered in an integrated clinic but won’t be able to register a patient.
  • When a microchip number is entered via a Microchip service or Patient Add/Details screens a service provider and status of the microchip (tag) number is determined and saved against the patient record.
  • When a payment is taken any patients with unregistered tags will form part of the payment workflow.
  • Only system administrators can alter a patient’s microchip number once it has been registered.
  • Owners must be read and accept the Data Protection Agreement to register an animal
  • Owners can decline registration
  • Registration can be skipped during the payment workflow but it will appear again the next time a payment is taken until the patient has been registered or declined registration
  • Only tags supported by the registration service providers can be registered electronically
  • Patients with unsupported tags will be shown with a status of Unknown
  • Legacy patients with a supported tag prior to the integration will be able to electronically retrieve their status from the registration provider and store it against the patient’s record.
  • Overview of steps to enable Microchip Integration

    Microchip Provider Configuration

    Open Task Panel > Options and Setup > B. Patient > Microchip Provider Setup

    Add a new provider and enter the endpoint supplied by your registration authority, the name and select the appropriate protocol for the supplier.

    Provider End point URL
    AVID https://online.pettrac.com/api/external
    Petlog https://publicapi.petlog.org.uk/api
    The End point URL needs to be entered correctly for the integration to work.

    Click Configure Clinic Settings and configure each clinic with the API Username and API Password supplied by your registration authority:

    NOTE: These are not your website logins and are specific API credentials which need to be obtained from the microchip provider.

    _Note: in the above example, Branch Clinic 1 is integrated and the other branch clinics are not._

    Registration Workflow

    A patient’s microchip status will be queried against the registration authority when it is entered into RxWorks and stored once the Microchip integration has been enabled. This includes entering the Microchip number when an item or procedure is charged which includes a microchip service or whether it is by the Patient Add/Details screens.

    The Payment workflow will contain a tab for each animal that hasn’t been registered when an owner/client makes a payment.
    The customer must accept the terms and conditions on the form otherwise the registration will be rejected.
    The customer can choose to Decline registration and they won’t be asked to register the animal again. The operator can choose to Skip the registration of the animal but it will appear again as a tab in the payment workflow the next time a payment is taken for the owner.

    Here is an example of a payment workflow showing the animal registration tab:

    In the normal course of operations the Data Protection Agreement would be read to the owner and they or the operator on their behalf would click the Confirmation check should the owner agree with the statement.

    Notice the ‘Skip…’ button at the bottom of the page. A popup dialog will appear once this button has been pressed allowing the user to Skip or Decline this registration at the owner’s request.

    A certificate is generated by the registration process and is automatically attached to the Patient record:

    _Note: this function is currently only provided by AVID._

    Legacy Patients

    An action hyperlink will be shown for patients with microchip numbers, located in the right hand summary window, prior to the integration being installed as shown below:

    By clicking the “Retrieve and Save Tag Status” text on the Summary Bar in the Patient tab will cause the software to contact the microchip provider and request the status of the microchip number and store it against the patient’s record.

    Currently the statuses are:

  • Registered
  • Not Registered
  • Unknown
  • Declined
  • _The “Unknown” status means that the microchip number is not recognised by any of the configured service providers, or in other words, the chip belongs to another microchip registration service or the microchip number is invalid._

    Once the status has been retrieved and saved against the patient record the operator will not be asked to “Retrieve and Save Tag Status” for this patient again but the status will be shown.

    An example is shown here:

    Only administrators can alter a microchip number once a registration status has been saved against a patient’s record, essentially rendering the field “read only”.
    Branch Clinics who are not integrated will be able to view the status information on the patient page but will be unable to register a patient from the payment workflow screen or the patient Add/Details screens.

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